Help Your Photographer Take Good Pictures of Your Wedding

Securing great wedding photos doesn’t end at finding the right photographer. It actually is just the beginning. No matter how talented and experienced your photographer is, he will still need your help to make sure that he captures your wedding the way you have envisioned it. Here are some preparations you can do so that your photographer can give you stunning photos that you deserve.


1. Do test shots

If you feel that you don’t have enough confidence to be in front of the camera on your wedding day, it is best to have a trial shoot. You can schedule this during your makeup trial so that your photographer can explore your best angles complete with your wedding makeup and hairstyle.

This will also help you make yourself comfortable with the camera as your photographer will most likely be taking candid shots while you’re having your makeup or just going about your interactions. Have some outdoor shots taken as well, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, so you can see how your look registers on the camera with natural outdoor lighting. Have your makeup trial and test shots at the same time when you expect to take your outdoor photos on the actual day of your wedding.

2. Make your own shot list

An experienced wedding photographer knows what shots are must-haves for a wedding. But you might have your own personal requests as well, such as a picture of you and your parents with a breathtaking sunset backdrop or a picture of your grandparents during your exchange of “I do’s.” These are tender moments that you have to let your photographer know about so that they will not be missed.

It could also be specific areas at your venue or activities during your reception program that you want documented. If a niece is going to sing at your reception, then you’d definitely want a beautiful picture of that.


3. Introduce who’s who

If you have relatives or friends who have traveled far to make it to your wedding and you must have a picture of them, then let your photographer know about it and be clear that you would like to have pictures of them. This is helpful in maximizing certain limitations you might have in the photography package you availed of. Also, by doing this, you’ll have pictures of the people who are most important to you.

4. Give a program flow

Your photographer is one of your wedding vendors who must have a copy of your program flow. He has to know exactly what is about to happen throughout your wedding day so that he can properly position himself to document the events. A detailed program that includes location, key persons, and other notes would be more helpful to keep your photographer on track with your requests and to avoid missing anything. Aside from giving him a program flow, introduce your photographer to your wedding coordinator who can assist him in every part of the program.


5. Say what you want

To get what you want, communicate with your photographer as clearly as you can. Let him know how much editing you want with your photos or which styles you prefer. You can do this after you’ve reviewed his portfolio and have gotten yourself familiar with his technique and style. You also need to be realistic with your requests and that they aren’t far from the actual style of your photographer. Otherwise it means you’re not working with the right photographer to begin with.

6. Do an ocular inspection of your venue

It is helpful for your photographer to see your venue prior to the event for him to know what the space looks like. This way he can find a good angle to take a photo of the place. This will also help your photographer and his team to know how to position themselves at your venue without being disruptive of your program flow or get in the view of your guests. Your photographer and his team will also be able to set up their equipment where it can best shoot photos in good angles.

These extras for assistance that you can extend to your photographer will make you benefit the most from the service. Your photographer can go a long way with his skills and talent when you offer even a little support. Providing enough information to your photographer will enable him to meet your expectations and grant your requests to your satisfaction. Having amazing photos of your wedding cannot entirely rely on your photographer’s expertise; it needs to be a team effort between you and your photographer.

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