Hen Party Game Ideas: Just Safe Clean Fun

It’s time for the girls to get together before the bride hits the aisle! Many women believe that the hen party is the most fun a girl can have on a night out before the wedding, and this goes not just for the bride-to-be, but for her girl friends too. It’s not just about getting drunk, but about actually having fun and experiencing new things that everyone can enjoy.

How crazy you want your hen party to be is up to you. Just make sure you’re fully energized to take on every activity you decide to do. Also, breaking the law or getting in serious danger is going overboard and regretful. So keep the hen party a safe and clean fun so no one gets into trouble.


These game ideas will get the ladies laughing, bonding, and probably do something they haven’t done before.

1.   Ice Breakers

Rather than just letting the cocktails start pouring and rely on the usual pleasantries to get things started, play a game of ice breakers that will get the girls more comfortable with each other. There will probably be different sets of the bride’s friends coming over – like those from her old university and those from her present office – so it’s a good idea to first acquaint everyone and get them ready to have fun together.

A simple ice breaker you can play is by letting each of the ladies write on a piece of paper a word to describe her personality or relationship with the bride. Let the bride pick one strip at a time and guess who is described by the word written on the paper. If the bride incorrectly guesses, she and the friend described will drink up. The bride can use the penmanship as a hint, or the ladies can write the word using their opposite hand so that the hand writing is distorted.

2.   Drinking Games

It’s more fun when you get to play while enjoying the drinks. So don’t simply sit around and not have anything fun to do other than the usual chat and sipping. Drinking games are also good to keep the alcohol from sinking in too soon. The busier the girls get, the longer it will take them to get drunk. This means everyone can have fun longer.

A drinking game can also doubles as an ice breaker. A classic is the “I have never…” game where each of the ladies will confess something they have never done before and if anyone from the group has done it, they should drink up.


A twist you can do is to let everyone take a shot if no one has ever done it in the group. You can have two kinds of drinks here too with one stronger than the other such as tequila and beer. If someone has done it, let them drink beer. If none has done it in the group everyone takes a shot of tequila.

3.   All About the Bride and Groom

The couple is put on the spotlight through a quiz where everyone participate and compete in teams. To earn points, teams should be able to correctly answer questions pertaining to the bride and groom’s relationship. This is a fun quiz so whoever makes the questions should keep things light and fun and steer away from sensitive topics in the couple’s history.

Trivia like how long the groom courted the bride or when did he propose are ok material. Other items on the quiz can be about the length of the relationship, where they first had a date, what the bride likes most about her groom, etc.

It’s good to make it a multiply choice type of quiz so that each team can take guesses. Include hilarious choices for the answers. Whoever wins can decide what the losing team should do sa a consequence.


4.   Truth or Dare

A perennial game amongst friends is truth or dare, and this one’s particularly exciting to play on a hen party. This would be a fun game towards the end of the night when everyone has had quite a few drinks and are more likely to answer candidly or take wild dares.

This game is also easy to play anywhere you may be; whether in a bar or in someone’s house. All you need is a bottle or anything that you can spin to know who takes a turn. And of course keep the booze coming. This is no time to be shy.

In playing this game, everyone should still try to be mindful of the questions asked and the dares thrown so that it doesn’t humiliate or offend anyone or get anyone into trouble. Such dares as approaching a random guy at the bar and kissing him is probably too risky for fun.


5.   Naughty but Nice

Games that will get the ladies all excited and blushing have to be a little naughty. And sexy game ideas are always welcome in a hen party. There has to be some games like “guess who brought the lingerie”. This is perfect for the bride to open each gift of lingerie and guess who among her friends gave it.

If you are in a private setting like a house or an exclusive room, you can bring in some stuff for your games. Be artsy and sexy through clay sculpting in groups. Let each group have certain male body parts to sculpt after which the bride connects these into a clay replica of a man.

Kinky-themed Pictionary will be so ridiculous the girls’ stomach will hurt from laughing so hard. Imagine letting them draw some sexy things they probably cannot bring themselves to even speak of!

As a last advice, consider who’s coming. If the hen’s mother will be around, it might not be comfortable to play some kinky stuff, so tone down the naughty things in such cases. You can still have all the fun with games that are safe but still a bit daring.

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