Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re considering making your own wedding favors, they should be easy to make, and soap and candles fit the bill perfectly. They have a broad appeal and don’t require a lot of skill to make. Everybody enjoys a fragrant bar of soap or an aromatherapy candle, so think about making a unique item for each guest. Find out their favorite scent beforehand and surprise them with a candle or a bar of soap imbued with that scent. They will appreciate the effort you put in, and it lets them know that you had them in mind specifically when you made the gift.

wedding favors

If you choose to make soap and candles as your wedding favors, go all the way and decorate the baskets for these gifts as well. Add ribbons and shredded paper and package the soap, candles and perhaps even bath items in these small baskets, which you can then decorate with the date of your wedding or a thank you message.

If the bride and groom have green thumbs, garden plants make a great wedding favor. You can even give everyone a different plant, such as a cactus, a herb or a flowering shrub. While plants may appeal more to the female guests, the male guests may also appreciate an interesting cactus plant, or even a chia pet that grows grass for “fur”. Let your imagination go wild!

Remember that wedding favors are a gift to the guests thanking them for sharing your special day with you. So if you’re planning a wedding, consider trying out some of the wedding favor ideas above, or even come up with your own. Whatever your choice, your wedding guests will enjoy a meaningful, sincere gift that you spent time and effort to make.

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