Choosing Your Wedding Venue: Hotel, Restaurant or an Outdoor Venue?

Every bride-to-be dreams of a Every young woman dreams of a perfect wedding, be it indoors or outdoors. Now that it’s your time to walk down the aisle, you will definitely be spoilt for choice when looking for place to have the wedding of your dreams. However, before you sign any contract, keep the following factors in mind.

Wedding Aisle

1) Dollars and Cents

While some of us may be dreaming of a grand wedding at The Fullerton with a guest list that will shame the guest list of Kate and Prince William’s wedding, it is important to take a reality check about how much we can afford. Some questions to ask yourself when deciding on your wedding venue:

a) Can we afford it?
b) How much are we willing to spend on the location?
c) How badly do we want it? Should we exceed our budget?
d) Will my friends be able to afford it?

Asking these questions allows you to have a reality check as well as open your options to other available choices. A general rule is that if you are under a budget constraint, opt for cheaper locations like restaurants or gardens. If your budget is about $1200 per table, you can choose what kinds of hotels you may want. Even within the five stars hotels, there are also a range of prices.

2) Theme of the Wedding

While you may need to compromise your choice of venue due to your finances, that doesn’t mean you can no longer have your dream wedding. If you have always dreamed of having a ballroom wedding, then you can still book a hotel ballroom and just save on other wedding costs, such as by having a lunch banquet or having a buffet instead of a plated dinner. If you have always wanted a winter wonderland theme for your wedding but it costs too much to have it at a hotel, then opt for a winter wonderland with a little twist by holding it at the Botanical Gardens or at Fort Canning. These venues can surely accommodate and will look equally good without costing as much.

3) Quality of Food

One of the most common complains on weddings is bad food quality. Because we live in a food paradise, it is very important for us Singaporeans to have quality food. If food quality is equally important to you, pick a location within your budget that provides delicious food with ample servings. Normally, restaurants come out top in this aspect. However, it would be unfair to say that hotels serve bad food. When you’re checking a hotel to be your wedding venue, make use of their food tasting session to assess whether they meet the quality you want for the food in your banquet. As for an outdoor wedding, opt for a catering so that you have control over the quality of your food since you can always get your preferred caterer.

4) Accessibility of Location

This is a crucial factor in choosing a venue that often gets overlooked. Consider that it’s “customary” for a lot of guests to be late for the wedding ceremony. You definitely won’t want to delay your wedding any further because an important guests either can’t find your wedding venue or can’t find a parking space. In addition, it would be quite sad to have some guests unable to attend your wedding because your location isn’t accessible for them. Finally, the last thing you’d want your guests to remember about your wedding is that it was very difficult to go to. While accessibility may not be central to your decision making, it would be helpful to choose a venue that is near a main road or an MRT station.

Final Decision

At the end of the day, what you have to ensure is that the wedding location is somewhere you want your wedding to be. Be considerate, but don’t succumb to peer pressure or the need to please others. The wedding is yours. You and your spouse-to-be alone ought to decide how it should be and where it should be. Happy hunting!

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