How Do I Choose Wedding Decorations?

Choosing wedding decorations can be quite a task. Different decorations evoke different emotions and create varied atmospheres. Here are some common wedding decorations and how you can use them to achieve the mood that you want!

1) Flowers

Flowers are essential for most weddings! They are timeless, and can adapt to any setting. From a limited budget to a more extravagant one, you can choose different types of flowers which to suit your decoration expense allocation. If you want flowers which last for ceremonies on different days, choose silk ones. You will not need to purchase fresh ones for two occasions, which can easily burst the bank.

Bouquet Wedding Centerpiece

2) Candles

Candles add a romantic aura to the wedding. (Just think how romantic candlelight dinners are!) Candles are also very versatile and are relatively affordable.

3) Fabric Drapes

Fabric texture can make all the difference to your wedding setting. Draping silk, tulle or ribbons on chairs, cutlery, walls and the stage can create different effects, depending on what you are going for. Silk in royal colors like purple and gold create a sophisticated setting, and drapes in red, pink or white exude a romantic aura. Your fabric decorations will vary from the type of setting; indoor, outdoor, poolside, informal and formal. Do not overuse them though, lest it looks like a slumber party!

4) Glass Ornaments

Glass is an evergreen decor item, and it brings a feeling of classiness to a wedding. You can use a combination of lights, candles and glass to play around with the lighting, to create an elegant feel. Glass products like bottles and ornaments can be relatively inexpensive, so opt for glass and light combinations for a unique and classy decor!

5) Balloons

Balloons add that celebration atmosphere to pump up the mood. You can choose from big helium-filled balloons, metallic and standard rubber ones to achieve the type of effect you desire. They make your wedding feel like a grand celebration, perfect for that once in a lifetime occasion!

You can use a mixture of decorations to get that dream wedding setting. Wedding decorations come in all shapes and sizes; they do not necessarily need to be standard items! Let your creativity flow. Stay tuned on Perfect Weddings for more tips and tricks!

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