How to Choose a Good Wedding Caterer

Food! Singaporeans love food. It is the center of conversations, and a universal language. We know how to distinguish the super Char Kway Teow worth lining up 1 hour for, versus the usual neighbourhood Char Kway Teow. Singaporeans are masters at culinary delights! Needless to say, what catering you have at your wedding reception makes or breaks your wedding, especially for the older generation guests who are more particular about their food.

Perfect Weddings knows how important catering is to your wedding, so read carefully to avoid making any mistakes!

wedding catering

1) Your Needs

What is your wedding reception style like? Is it sophisticated, traditional, or modern? Usually, wedding catering is needed for church receptions, so decide what kind of food, service and presentation is needed. Different caterers specialize in different types of catering, and wedding catering might require that additional special touch to match the catering tables with your wedding theme. You wouldn’t want your catering tables to stick out like a sore thumb!
Before you contact the caterers, decide on the date and time of the event. Then, pick the location. This is important as the venue you choose may provide catering services as well, eliminating the need to hire an external caterer and saving you the extra trouble. Then, give an estimation of your budget and head count.

2) Palates of Many Kinds

Catering is not as simple as we usually think it is. There are about 3 generations of palates that you have to consider in Singapore, the young, the middle aged, and the old. The young would welcome western dishes with all things fried, but what about the older generation? Chances are, they would not be open to eating oily foods as much. Draw a balance on the types of food that the different generations can enjoy equally, so that everyone has something they like to eat. Try not to impose your tastes on the food choice as well, the catering is mainly for your guests, not you alone!

Hint: If your budget is limited and if your Singapore caterer offers it, do try to include miniaturized foods as an extra treat for guests. They can treat their palates to many tastes, which is great to have so that they do not feel that the wedding catering selection was limited! If your wedding caterer does not offer those, you can try contacting shops specializing in creative finger foods like home-decorated cupcakes and cake pops. They add that extra burst of color at the reception, and kids are sure to go gaga over them!

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