How To Choose A Good Wedding Emcee

Getting a wedding emcee is an important decision in planning your wedding ceremony. A wedding emcee is pretty much the play-maker of the entire event- he or she creates the entire vibe and atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. This translates into the memory and impression guests have of your wedding! Thus, it is essential to hire a good wedding emcee for your wedding ceremony- one who will make the event fun, joyous and most of all, memorable.

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Someone With A Good Sense Of Humour

Firstly, get a wedding emcee who has a good sense of humour. A good sense of humour can dispel the solemnness associated with such an important event, and the nervousness the newly-weds experience during such a big event. A good sense of humour also livens up the atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy themselves thoroughly during the event, and have a good memory of your wedding. Hire a wedding emcee who as a sense of humour that does not include crass, crude jokes- basically, someone who can make people laugh without embarrassing anyone.

Someone Professional And Charismatic

Secondly, get a wedding emcee who is professional, and charismatic. This includes a someone with confidence. A wedding emcee needs to be someone bold, unabashed, basically, someone who can command the crowd. Imagine hiring someone who says “uhm” intermittently between his sentences, or someone who stutters? It would be embarrassing! A good wedding emcee is one who knows his script, and plays it out with ease. He should know what to say during the major events of the ceremony-from the entrance of the newly-weds to the final farewell. Each and every event is taken care of, and jokes are injected at appropriate times during each of these events. Someone who memorises his script word-for-word and recites them like a robot is a no-no during a joyous occasion- this is not a graduation or convocation ceremony!

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Someone Not Overly Attention-seeking

Thirdly, a good wedding emcee is not overly attention seeking. While he may be confident and charismatic, he does not divert all the attention to himself. He bears in mind that this event is centered on the newly-weds, as this is their big day. He knows how to give them the attention, and at the same time, conduct the ceremony in a fun manner.

Someone With Public Speaking Experience

Fourthly, a good wedding emcee is one who has public speaking experience. He has good diction, and can pronounce his words properly. Someone who tends to mispronounce people’s names is a no-no. Imagine your wedding emcee mispronouncing your name on your big day! It would be undesirable and embarrassing.

Someone Who Is Punctual

Fifth, a good wedding emcee is someone who is punctual. He arrives on time, and ensures everything is in order before the guests and hosts alike arrive. Punctuality is a key element of being professional.

Someone Who Thinks Quickly

Sixth, hire someone who thinks quick on his feet. In a wedding ceremony, there are many things that could possibly go wrong- for example, the couple being late, or the events not proceeding as planned. You will need someone who can come up with solutions and ideas impromptu, thus saving the day and helping the ceremony proceed seamlessly. Someone who thinks quick can also break the ice when something awkward happens, say for example, someone spills a drink on another person.

Getting a good wedding emcee is vital when planning your wedding ceremony. A good wedding emcee creates the entire vibe and atmosphere of your wedding, this then translates into your guests’ impression of your wedding ceremony for a lifetime! A good wedding emcee will make this occasion a smooth-sailing one, so make sure you choose wisely.

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