How to Choose a Wedding Theme

Picking a wedding theme can be daunting if you don’t know where to start, or what its purpose to the wedding even is. Rather than deciding on a theme right away and forcing the other elements of the wedding to complement it, you can also use the various aspects of the wedding that you already have in mind to help you decide on your theme.

Here are four aspects of your wedding that can help you develop your theme and have a good head start with your wedding planning.


Some wedding themes are as simple as one’s preferred colour combination. So if you have a favourite color, start with it. If you have more than one, check if these colours complement each; if they do, you can use that as your theme. You can do this by using colour swatches or a colour wheel to find a combination you like. Once you’ve found it, apply it throughout your wedding details, such as your favours, invitations, décor and bridesmaids’ dresses.



The date of your wedding is also a good starting point for your theme. For a summer wedding, pick elements that highlight the season, such as bright citrusy colours like yellow and tangerine. Another thing you can do is to look into the blooms or fruits in season on the month of your wedding and incorporate them into your wedding elements as well. The time or season can create a rich experience for your wedding so use it as an inspiration in decorating your venue and putting together the entire celebration.



If you already have a wedding venue in mind, then develop a theme that will complement the place. A garden setting often goes hand-in-hand with a simple ceremony and an intimate, laid back reception – and that in itself is already a theme! From there you can select other details to spruce up the place and create that relaxing atmosphere for your wedding. On the other hand, a grand ballroom with a crystal chandelier and gilded walls is the perfect place for a fairy-tale or fantasy wedding.


Think about the ambience you wish to have for your wedding. Do you want it to be an elegant formal affair or would you prefer to have a private and intimate gathering? Whether you want your wedding to be modern and formal or quirky and casual, you can start your wedding plans by first deciding on the atmosphere you want to have on your wedding. From there, find a place where you can experience it and piece together the other details you need. The mood you want for your wedding can guide you in crafting your theme.


Whatever theme you come up with, the most important thing is that it holds a special meaning for you and your intended. This will ensure that when you look back on photos of that special day, your memories will not be tainted with the impulsive choice to cater to the trend, and rather will revolve around your partner and you.

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