How to Choose a Wedding Video Style

Deciding on a videography style is not easy, but heedlessly browsing YouTube and professional videography websites won’t make the whole process easier. Use one of these methods instead! You’ll be glad you did, because they are less time-consuming.


Method #1: Familiarize Yourself with Videography Styles

Like most newly engaged couples, you probably started searching for your videographer by contacting professionals who received great reviews or someone your friend recommended. But even if you find a videographer who is professional, experienced and skilled, that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll like their style. A much safer course would be to first study the different videography styles – journalistic, cinematic, artistic, highlight express and storytelling. Save the links of any video that catches your eye and then refer to these videos later on when you start brainstorming with your fiancé or wedding planner. After you finish planning a few scenes, you will know exactly which videography style you prefer.

Method #2: Decide on Your Budget

When your budget is big, you can spend the same amount on your wedding album and your wedding video, however reality is often less romantic. Regardless of the actual sum you’re willing to part with, you have to remember that a 15-40 minute video may cost more than a 1 hour video, because you are paying for the number of hours your videographer spends editing your footage included in the final cut, so you better not expect too many fancy, eye-catching effects when you’re on a tight budget. Naturally, this means that the highly edited cinematic style or the storytelling style may be well beyond your budget!


Method #3: Discuss Your Personal Preferences

Since this video is supposed to be you and your fiancé’s memories of your happiest day, it doesn’t make sense if either of you don’t enjoy watching it, thus you ought to work out a tentative list of the features both of you want in your video.  You shouldn’t be afraid to come up with a bigger list at this stage because you will whittle it down gradually as you compare various quotations. Another benefit of coming up with this wish list is that you begin noticing what your couple personality is like. And most of the time, it is your couple personality that determines which videography style you pick in the end.

Method #4: Look to Your Wedding Theme for Inspiration  

Recreating the right mood is important, because you certainly won’t enjoy reliving your big day when you feel that the video doesn’t do your wedding theme justice. So reflect on your own wedding theme and chosen location then search for actual day videos featuring weddings with a similar theme or weddings held at a similar location. As you watch these videos, you may want to list down the features or scenes you enjoy. Knowing what you want helps you narrow down your options quickly as you research the different videography style afterwards.

Choosing your wedding videography style may seem like a tedious first step, but you will be glad you spent that extra time after you’ve watched your wedding video for the first time. You can make things easier by using any of the methods listed above instead of watching multiple wedding videos indiscriminately.

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