How To Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most special occasions that a lady can share with her lifelong friends is her wedding. Being a bridesmaid symbolizes that you are within the bride’s innermost circle of friends, and what joy that brings! From being able to accompany the bride to her gown-picking appointments, planning her wedding with her, to walking down the aisle as one of her most trusted companions, bridesmaids have a lot to do as well. One of the most common questions we get asked is, how do you choose a bridesmaid dress?

row of bridesmaids

Based on style, the wedding dress or the theme colors? The answer is actually a combination of all. Let us share some insights on how bridesmaids to be can choose their dresses to accompany the bride’s, while not overshadowing hers.

1) It’s In The Style

There are many types of bridesmaid dresses which can fit the different body types of bridesmaids. Not every lady looks great in the same type of dress, and some bridesmaids prefer a certain style over another. Having to choose the same style for all the bridesmaids is a little compromising, unless your ladies-in-waiting do not mind sharing the same type of dress. The advantage is that, if everyone is agreeable on a certain type of style, it is relatively easier to find a supplier for the dress, as most often they will have different sizes of the same design.

Of course, the con is that your bridesmaids will have the same look, which more individualistic bridesmaids may not prefer. Unless all of them are comfortable with looking uniform, it is better to come to a consensus on whether everyone looks good in a particular style and choose one from there. Otherwise, selecting dresses in different styles but with the same color groups would be more preferable, which brings us to our next point.

2) Colors Of The Rainbow

The second common method of choosing a bridesmaid dress is by color. More often than not, it is hard for bridesmaids to find a type of dress which they will all look good in. Therefore color is the next best option to identify yourselves as the bride’s ladies-in-waiting. Usually based on the wedding’s color theme, the bride and bridesmaids will coordinate the chosen color beforehand, and each bridesmaid finds a dress which is of the chosen color, but in her own style which suits her body type.

This allows for more creativity on each bridesmaid’s part, and allows her to choose from a wide range of color pantones which suits her skin shade. It is a more flexible arrangement, but do remember to coordinate the colors in advance as your bridesmaids will need time to shop for their dresses beforehand.

Your bridesmaids will make your wedding a whole lot more fun and enjoyable during the preparation stage. Do remember to seek their support, as the wedding planning period can be a stressful one. Need more tips on how to choose bridesmaids dresses? We have more tips and advice coming up!

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