How to Choose the Perfect Gown

Like wearing ivory on your skin, the layers cling onto your waist, shadowing your movements- a collective sigh greets you when your dainty step brushes against the suede carpet, leaving a laced veil trailing behind, as if providing an outlet for all 300 pairs of eyes to linger on as you tread down the aisle. Indeed, the gown maketh the bride. Choosing a wedding gown makes one of the more vital aspects of a wedding, taking into consideration the style, budget and of course your appearance while donning the most important dress of your life. Here are some tips on choosing the bespoke gown tailored for your big day.

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1) Schedule your appointment early in the day.

The actual hunt for the perfect gown commences way beforehand. By sealing an appointment at an earlier time slot, you are guaranteed fresher more energetic boutique staff to work with, before they deal with their remaining clients. Have your eye on a particular gown by a certain designer? Book a slot in advance with them or certain bridal boutiques that stock their designs to avoid disappointment!

2) Decide your budget.

This provides a framework to choose a gown, most full-length gowns in local stores range from different prices, depending on the designers. The Prelude Bridal is a multi-label boutique that stocks gowns from international labels, with prices at $1500- $9000. The Gown Warehouse provides wallet-friendly options for brides on a budget, with short dresses starting at $250 only, and full-length gowns from $500- $2000.

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3) Choose a gown based on your body type.

Pear shaped: Accentuate your waist with a skirt that gently flares into an A line silhouette, flattering the hips and the waist. A ball gown with a V neckline or a spaghetti strapped bodice will draw attention to your slender upper body.

Apple shaped: A waist cinching gown that cascades with an A shape, would be ideal. Coupled with a textured bodice- intricate lace details, that cloaks and fits comfortably. A deep V neckline will draw focus to your frame vertically instead of horizontally.

Petite: Opt for a gown with a waist above your natural waistline, so it gives the illusion of height, by making the lower half of the body seem longer. Avoid calf length dresses as they tend to make your legs look shorter, and ball gowns might be overwhelming for your petite frame.

Tall: A minimal, simple gown will flatter your svelte figure, so refrain from overtly detailed gowns. A lower waistline and a hem that lightly sweeps the floor will emulate your taller stature.

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4) Do not follow trends.

You may have subscribed religiously to every issue of Brides Magazine, and noticed trends like the off shoulder gowns, cool tulle skirts, capes, collars or even Beach Chic. In this digital time and age where the trendiest bride trumps over fellow brides via ‘likes’ on social media, you may be tempted to follow fads blindly. However, wedding gowns should be timeless and encompass both traditional and modern elements. Settle on a gown that will not go out of style yet showcases your personal style.

5) Don’t feel obliged to bring an audience.

We saw Monica from Friends bring Rachel and Phoebe to her gown fitting, popular mainstream media perpetuates the idea that trying on a gown is a group affair. But too many differing opinions may cloud your judgement leading to more stress added to your already anxious state of mind. Sometimes a solo trip may yield better results and provide a calmer environment.

6) Have faith in your decision!

Once you settled on the perfect gown, don’t question your choice! Trying more gowns will only prolong the process; you may also find yourself gravitating towards your initial decision, and most of the time that decision will turn out to be final.

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Kate Middleton’s wedding gown by English designer Sarah Burton- a satin bodice incorporated with floral motifs with long full skirt and train inspired by Victoria traditions, remained in the minds of many and was the talking point of the Royal Wedding, even sparking a cultural revolution with the comeback of long sleeves and lace. A gown is almost as paramount as the wedding itself, and every bride deserves their own re-enactment of a Royal Wedding.

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