How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Car

If you want your wedding to have that extra ‘oomph’ effect, choose a great wedding car. It will make all the difference in your arrival, giving you a grand entrance as you enter your beautiful wedding venue. And at the end of the night, it will give you a classy exit. Here is Perfect Wedding’s guide to choosing the perfect wedding car!

luxury bride in limousine
Here is a checklist of common considerations that couples should take note of when booking their wedding car. Great wedding car companies can be quite packed with bookings during the peak seasons, so be sure to book in advance. It is in these small items which a good wedding car company in Singapore sets itself apart from the rest. It pays to be certain of the details, you would not want to be caught off guard in a sticky situation!

1) Are the cars you want available for your wedding date?

Especially during peak seasons in Singapore, the more desirable cars could be on shortage. Hence, it is good to book early to avoid disappointment.

2) Will the cars remain at the wedding venue during the ceremony?

Sometimes, the cars could be on hire while one wedding ceremony is ongoing. Either make sure that the car will be parked at the venue during your wedding, or that the car will be at the venue 15-30 minutes before your departure. You would not want to be waiting too long for your ride after the ceremony is over!

3) What will happen in the event of a breakdown?

Accidents do happen, and it is wise to ask the company if they have any backup plans for car breakdowns. It would be very unglamorous indeed for a bride to be stuck in the middle of a road on her wedding day!

4) Additional charges for over-runs?

It is common to over-run the time that you have booked the cars for. Be clear of the extra charges to avoid bill shock. Most car operators would have included some allowance for minor delays, but check to be sure.

5) Are decorations provided for the car?

Some Singapore wedding car providers include floral and ribbon decorations along with the car. Check to confirm if yours do. If they do not, you will have to order extra decorations to spruce up the car to make it a head turner! After all, what’s a wedding car without wedding decorations?

Stay with us at Perfect Weddings for more guides on choosing your perfect wedding car!

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