How to Choose Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Picking out your bridesmaids’ dresses can be as tricky as picking your own. There are some important considerations to make, and you will be under some pressure knowing that the dress style you choose for them can strain or strenghten your friendships.

As the bride, you should be the most beautiful woman in your wedding. But that doesn’t mean that you make your bridesmaids look plain just so your beauty stands out among them – warning: don’t be a bridezilla! Instead of downgrading their style, choose a look for them that will complement your own so that you’ll still shine among them even if they look as lovely as you. To do that, here are some thins you should consider:


1.   Theme – Let your wedding theme guide you in your dress selection. With a well-defined theme, it should be easy for you to pick out the right colors and styles for your bridesmaids’ dresses. For instance, your bridesmaids’ dresses will look natural in a beach wedding when they are in shades of blue with an easy to wear style like tube or halter cut with a flowing skirt.

2.   Time and Season – The time and season of your wedding should also help you pick out the right styles and colors. If you’re having a daytime wedding in the summer, pastel chiffon dresses will be a fitting choice. As for a dinner wedding in winter, let your bridesmaids slip into long dark-colored dresses for a more formal and warm look.

3.   Style and Color – Select a style that suits different body shapes and sizes. Safe choices are A-line and empire cut as these work well for most women. Your bridesmaids will appreciate it more if you can let them customize the style of their dresses to their own preferences. Also consider their skin tones in choosing the color scheme. Pastels are to a fair skin tone; while earth colors are to a dark skin tone.


4.   Fabric – Consult with a designer on the kind of fabric that can work well with the style of each dress. The kind of fabric is an essential factor on how comfortable the dresses are. A designer should be able to guide you in picking the right fabric for a specific style and comfort for your bridesmaids. Also consider the body built of your bridesmaids. Shiny fabric such as silk is not flattering for bridesmaids with fuller bodies.

5.  Budget – This has to be the biggest consideration you need to make since bridesmaids are expected to pay for their dresses. It is not just about whether you like the dresses for your bridesmaids. You also need to be practical regarding their expenses and choose a dress that they can wear again or alter for a more casual look.

It is important to involve each of your bridesmaids in selecting the dress. Let them have options and regard their preferences with importance. With these considerations you will have happy and beautiful bridesmaids on your wedding.

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