How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue

So he popped the big question? Congratulations! Now the next step is choosing the wedding venue, and Perfect Weddings is here to help! Remember, your wedding venue is just as important, it sets the stage for everything else.

wedding venue
There are many factors to consider in choosing a wedding venue in Singapore. Often, brides and grooms adore a place so much that other aspects of the wedding are left to be settled after the venue is confirmed. Practicality is good to keep in mind as you would not want to be unprepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Here are some pointers to note when choosing your perfect wedding venue.

1) The Guest Count

How many people will you be inviting? Plan wisely to ensure that you have enough space for everyone. Get a venue which has enough space to accommodate last minute turn ups as well. Make sure that you have a sound idea of how many guests will be turning up, by requesting them to RSVP once they receive your invitation.

2) Make Space!

Remember to consider the items which will take up extra space at your wedding venues. Examples include live bands, catering tables and so on. You would not want your guests to feel like a can of sardines during the wedding!

3) Weather

Indoors or outdoors? Many couples want to have an outdoor wedding, such as at the beach or poolside, for its romantic feel and as a great photo background. However, do take note that you will not be able to know the weather forecast of your wedding date until at least a week in advance! Be prepared, and have a backup plan in case you choose to have an outdoor wedding.

4) Ease of Transport

While many special venues are breath-taking to have a wedding at, consider how it is like to get there! A secluded area may be unique, but it can also be inconvenient for guests who do not have a car. Or if they do, they may not be familiar with the area. Provide a map with your invitation if your wedding venue is lesser known, or have someone in charge of the location enquiries on the actual day. You would not want to be stressed out over transportation woes on your Special Day!

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