How to Choose Your Wedding Stationery

One of the first details you will deal with in your wedding preparation is choosing your stationery for all sorts of printing needs for your wedding. With a guided choice, you can create your desired impact on your guests; while a random choice can be uncoordinated and a sore to the eyes.

Here are a few simple tips on how to choose the best stationery to use for your wedding.


1.   Window Shop – The sooner you start looking, the better. You can view online for some idea on how you want your stationery to look or find a vendor that can offer the kind you like with reasonable price. Or go to craft stores or the school supplies section of department stores and look at their offerings of stationery and other craft materials you can use. Collect samples so you can easily narrow down your choices later.

2.   Make the Guest List – Draft your guest list in order to get a good estimate of the number of stationery you need with buffer. Remember that you need not give an invitation for every guest; you only give one per family or couple. But when it comes to other needs like seating cards and reception program you will need to print one for every adult guest and a few extras for your wedding planner and other members of the wedding production team such as the band or DJ.

3.   Complement Your Theme and Motif – Interpret your theme on your invitation but don’t be literal. Some invitations are too elaborate that they create the wrong impression. Such as looking like an invitation for a debut party rather than a wedding. The minimalist look is always the smarter choice as it is flexible. Keep it simple by highlighting the color motif more than the theme. You also don’t want the frills to get in the way of the content from being understood.


4.   Identify the Different Needs – You’re not only needing stationery for your invitations but for other wedding details as well such as place cards, menu cards, RSVP, thank you cards, order of ceremony, & reception program. But don’t worry because you don’t have to have all of those. You can simply select what you feel you really need. Keep in mind that the invitations and thank you cards are important.

5.   Think of the Overall Design – Find pegs for your invitations and other print-outs online. It’s easier when you have a sample of how you want them to look for your vendor. With an overall look in mind, you will have a better idea of what kind of paper, card, and envelope you need in terms of color, size, texture, and design. The overall design of your print-outs will also help you decide on the frills such as rhinestone or sequin embellishments, floral or monogram stickers, and ribbons, cords or paper twines.


6.   Get a Sample – You can attempt to DIY this just so you can easily show to your vendor how you want it to look. This way you will also be able to see how the stationery matches each other along with the frills. Some invitation vendors send samples for free of for a minimal price. Samples will help you make a final decision on your order. It also allows you to see how the different materials work together and if they are also sturdy enough to last for years in your scrapbook or as a keepsake.

7.   Place Enough Order – It’s better to order a few too many than have a shortage as that can cost more. Remember that ordering in bulk is always more cost efficient than ordering a small number of items. It’s better to have extras especially for any error in the initial printing or after you proofread. It also spares you from the stress and hassle of dealing with a shortage.

8.   Add a Personal Touch – Don’t forget it’s about you and him so let your stationery reflect that. Go easy on the frills that make it look too effeminate. Instead, make it a trademark of your couple’s flair. You can have a simple off-white paper with your monogram printed in gold in the letterhead. You want to do this tactfully so that your stationery will be versatile in design and can be used across your other print-outs.

Giving this wedding detail a little bit of your time, effort, creativity, and budget can make it a remarkable piece of your wedding that your loved ones will appreciate or even be impressed with.

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