How to Create Your Dream Wedding Hairstyle

Do you wish to have a gorgeous hairdo on your wedding day but feel daunted by terms like “French twists” or “chignon”? Well, worry not – Perfect Weddings is here to help. We’ll guide you on how to look marvelous for your wedding by having the perfect hairdo.

Having a dazzling hairstyle is of course very important for your wedding. Doing so lets your groom see a new you, which should get his heart beating a little bit faster! Here are some tips you should consider.

Bride Hairstyle

Matching Style

The bride’s hair style should not contrast against other parts of her dressing, but should instead match her wedding gown. The type of hairdo in consideration will have to depend on the style of your wedding outfit. If your wedding dress has simple cuts, match it with a chic hairstyle, preferably a slick back hair or a sleek blow out. If you are planning for a country wedding look, peasant dresses like high-waisted frocks would pair excellently with loose curls or tied hair sprinkled with small flowers.

Decorate the Head

When donning your headpiece, if you have one for your wedding gown, you need to find an effective way to attach it. Wide toothed combs are not going to hold up if you have straight and fine hair. You need a finer comb for that.

Wavy and curly hairs can be managed better if you have a headpiece that would keep it in place. You can try using bobby pins, barrettes or combs. It’s important to choose a hairdo that looks good with or without headpiece so that you can maintain looking great even if you lose your headpiece.

Shining Locks

An important thing to take note of in a bride’s hair is the shine density. Straight hair will look glossier but any flyaways will tend to ruin the effect. This common issue can be resolved by just applying it with anti static spray. Brittleness and dullness are usually common in wavy and curly hair; minimize these by applying a moisturizing conditioner before styling your hair. You can also applying shining serum at the tips to maintain the form of your hair.

Length of the Hair

There is only that much you can do to your hair depending on the length which you have. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make up for the lack of it.

If you have short locks, the mini barrette look is a viable option. Using hair gel, slick the front of your hair or fasten one or two barrettes in strategic places. Clutter the hair on the back of your head to give it a chic dimension.

If you have long hair, a good choice would be to wear the hair up in the summer. Having long locks means a wide variety of hairdos you can experiment with. Check out fashion magazines or consult with your hairdresser.

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