How to Create Your Garden Wedding

Planning your wedding requires a lot of effort. But if you choose a style that’s close to your heart, preparing for it won’t be stressful and may even be a lot of fun. If you love the lightness of outdoors celebrations, want an environmentally-friendly wedding or if you and your fiancé have a shared love for greenery, then a garden wedding is the perfect choice for you.


Here’s a guide on how to plan your wedding in the greens:

1. Choose a garden venue. You can opt for a public garden, which is sure to be big enough for all your guests. Just make sure you know the ordinances governing the place so that you can have a splendid wedding without breaking any rules. Consider an alternative indoor location, such as a large tent or pavilion, to secure your celebrations even if the weather turns bad on your wedding day.

2. Set the date & time. To improve your chances of getting fine weather on your wedding day, plan your wedding around the seasons. But whatever the weather is on the day of your wedding, be ready to manage the temperature and other outdoor elements that can affect the comfort of your guests.

3. Finalize the number of your guests. Is your wedding small and intimate or big and formal? The number of guests should guide you in choosing the venue and other logistics, such as renting a tent, the number of chairs and tables you need, etc. Have enough space for each guest to move around.

4. Be inspired on your décor. Be inspired by the outdoors in choosing the flora and picking the colours for your wedding. Check with your florist to know what blooms are available and suited to a garden theme. Use pastels or earth colours to complement your outdoor wedding.


5. Spruce the garden. A big advantage of a garden wedding is that you won’t have to do much to enhance your venue’s beauty. Just make sure the grass is mowed, add an archway, set up your aisle with flower petals or a long carpet, decorate your chairs with flowers, and you’re set to go.

6. Prepare a delectable outdoor menu. Let the degree of formality of your wedding serve as a guide in selecting the dishes to serve on your wedding. Discuss this with your caterer to ensure serving food with fresh flavours that complement the outdoors.

7. Have an appropriate dress code. As it’s held outdoors, a garden wedding requires a semi-formal dress code. Suggest to your lady guests to wear cocktail dresses in flowing fabric, while the gents can leave their suits at home and just put on buttoned-down collared shirt over khakis.

The guidelines only serve as your starter in putting together your dream garden wedding. You will encounter more details to handle that will test your patience and your perseverance. However, if you truly want this wedding, nothing can stop you from having it, and you’re sure to find ways despite rain, heat or strong winds. But do keep your expectations grounded. Have a beautiful and romantic garden wedding!

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