How to Disney-fy Your Wedding: Part 1

There’s a kid in all of us. Sometimes, what we love as a child just stays with us all the way till adulthood, never failing to inspire and put a smile on our faces. That’s how we feel about Disney – our infatuation with all things Disney began in our childhood and it’s not looking to wane anytime soon. From watching the movies to visiting Disneyland, there’s something beautiful and magical about Disney that keeps drawing us in no matter how old we get.

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Fast-forward to the present: you’re now getting married, and you need inspiration for a wedding theme. In looking for sources of inspiration, you’ll find that there is an abundance of themes to pick from. You want a theme that is charming and different, yet timeless and classy. If you’ve loved Disney as a child and continue to do so now, then why not turn your fantasies into reality with a Disney-themed wedding? In this article, we will show you how you can weave classic Disney themes and fairytales into your wedding, all without being too cliché or theatrical. So, without further ado, here is part one of two installments where we show you how you can make your dreams come true.


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Undeniably the most well known of all the Disney princesses, Cinderella’s story has been told and retold ceaselessly through the generations. Seeing as how Disney just released the new live-action version of the movie this year, it’s clear that the tale never gets old. Below are some simple ideas for a classic Cinderella-inspired wedding that is both subtle and elegant:

Cinderella’s iconic glass slippers–
which are actually made of plastic – are both pretty and pragmatic
as they will complement just about any gown you choose to wear.
Photo by Petals and Promises Bridal

Details such as this table clock lend a quaint,
vintage feeling to the Cinderella theme.
Photo by Sarah Kathleen

Snow White

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Touted as the fairest one of all, Snow White is another popular but more interesting theme to play around with for your wedding reception. Evil queens, poison apples and magic mirrors abound, this fairytale reaches into the darker realms of the fantastic, thereby giving you more options to explore. This is a good theme to pick if you’re planning to hold your wedding outdoors.

This simple white cake decorated with bramble and mirror patterns
and topped with a single red apple is both pretty and dramatic,
fully capturing the essence of Snow White in all its simplicity.
Photo by Miss Luna Belle

Spice things up a little for your guests by serving
Snow White-inspired candy apples at your reception.
Photo by Intimate Weddings

If you’re planning to hold a garden party,
put up several mirrors around your party so as
to recreate the feel of an enchanted forest. Not only is this quirky,
your photos will turn out beautiful as well.
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Beauty and the Beast

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An enduring classic, Beauty and the Beast is a touching story about the power and beauty of love. One of our favourite wedding themes, this is without a doubt the most romantic fairytale of all. This is also one of the most versatile Disney themes there is as the ideas can be easily adapted to suit your unique tastes.

With layers of tulle and delicate satin roses, this gorgeous
Belle-inspired gown exudes a poise and elegance like no other.
Photo by Alfred Angelo

A simple, slightly tongue-in-cheek design – complete with a fully-intended
pun – adds a subtle touch of the quirky at your wedding.
Photo by Not On The High Street

Engrave your favourite Disney quote onto
your wedding rings. While you can do this for just about
any Disney movie, we found this line particularly sweet.
Photo by Buzzfeed

Belle was an avid reader, so why not gather some vintage books
for that authentic feel? Even if you aren’t looking
to be so specific, these books are unique
decorations that will add a rustic charm to your wedding.
Photo by Pixshark

The Little Mermaid

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Another Disney favourite, The Little Mermaid is vastly different from the other Disney themes in its underwater setting as well as its spirited protagonist. While the previous themes had more elegant, royal colour schemes fraught with pastel shades, a Little Mermaid-inspired wedding is vibrant and bold, so it’s time to let your creative spirits soar! The most dramatic of all the themes so far, this theme is a good fit for adventurous couples who are thinking of having a beach wedding.

This glittery and beautiful mermaid-style dress is simply perfect for the theme.
We especially love the shimmery details at the hem,
which appears to emulate waves lapping at your feet.
Photo by Polyvore

If you’re going to have a beach wedding, consider holding this
seashell bouquet instead of your standard flower bouquet. Far more intricate
and unique, you also won’t have to worry
about your desired flowers going out of season.
Photo by Disney Inspirations Tumblr

Play up the ocean theme with your hair, accessories,
nails and makeup! This is one fine example of the kinds of colours
you can experiment with. Above all, don’t be afraid to be bold and adventurous.
Photo by Estate Weddings and Events

This lovely ruffled ombré cake – along with the complementary sweets –
are fantastic desserts to serve at any beach or mermaid-themed wedding.
Photo by The Cake Blog


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Despite having been released only in recent years, the immense popularity of Disney’s Frozen has led it to become a household name, possibly even a classic. While this movie is the only one on the list that doesn’t feature a marriage, no one’s stopping you from recreating Elsa and Anna’s snow-capped, magical Arendelle on your wedding day. In fact, this theme perfectly complements any wedding since there’s a lot you can do. Here’s how:

These Elsa-inspired earrings perfectly capture
a snow queen’s elegance and poise.
Photo by Etsy

Dazzle everyone with this elegant, delicate yet impressionable
wedding gown that looks as if it’s made of snowflakes. Divine!
Photo by Alfred Angelo

Supremely classy, this intricately-designed French blue
cake exudes a charm that is both sweet and stately.
Photo by French Wedding Style

Now that we’ve shown you these five themes, we hope that you’ve managed to gain inspiration for your dram wedding. If these themes aren’t interesting enough for you, look out for part 2, which seeks to show you even more exciting ideas for a Disney-themed wedding, so do be sure to check it out. Remember, anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and plan early!

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