How to Disney-fy Your Wedding: Part 2

Every bride dreams about having a fairytale wedding. These days, when one thinks of fairytales, Disney is bound to come to mind. While everyone has a different fetish and a different notion of fairytale weddings, the everlasting charm and appeal of Disney fairytales has ensured its continuing popularity in crafting wedding themes over the years. Indeed, there is something magical about Disney that consistently captivates people, young or old.

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Then again, the immense popularity of all things Disney means there’s always the possibility of appearing too mainstream or try-hard. But if you find the draw of having a Disney-themed wedding too powerful to resist, there are always ways in which you can Disneyfy your wedding subtly. As a continuation of our previous installment, part two of our two-part Disney-themed wedding series aims to show you a quirkier, fresher side of Disney which you can explore in crafting your wedding theme – without being too theatrical. So if you’re ready to explore this whole new world of weddings, then read on.

Peter Pan

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Faith, trust, and pixie dust – this catchphrase sure brings back nostalgic memories. A story of friendship, adventure and (never) growing up, the heartwarming story of Peter Pan never fails to lift the spirit. Oddly enough, while the theme itself is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration, few actually venture down this path. Just like Peter Pan, your romance is evergreen, so why not capture the magical moment with a meaningful and symbolic theme?

For a real Peter-Pan inspired rustic charm,
go for a naked wedding cake. Add several flowers and maybe some berries,
and there you have it – a beautiful woodland masterpiece.
Photo by Crystal Stokes Photography

Empty wine bottles, antique lamps and barrels weave
in a taste of adventure and spirit. We also adore the
little golden crocodile figurine, which adds so much character!
Photo by Crystal Stokes Photography

This fairy light tunnel makes for an absolutely magical entrance
for your guests. Photographs are guaranteed to turn out spectacular.
Photo by Design Filled Notes


Photo by Unreality Magazine

If you wish to have something more dramatic and exotic, consider an Aladdin-themed wedding. Vibrant and bold, this theme is certain to dazzle your guests with its grandeur and opulence. Based on the folktale of the same name in The Thousand and One Nights, Aladdin draws on an unbelievably rich Persian culture that won’t fail to amaze and enthrall. Indeed, there is just so much you can do with this theme, so don’t be afraid to explore and let your imagination run free! Below is only a sampling of how you can get started:

Make a statement with this luxurious, Jasmine-inspired number
that is sure to turn heads at your wedding. Featuring a crystal-beaded
bodice coupled with a unique royal purple colour,
this gown is certain to make you look like royalty.
Photo by Alfred Angelo

For a more authentic look, ditch those uncomfortable heels
and instead go for a pretty anklet like the one above.
Another plus point is that you won’t have to worry about
getting blisters on your feet.
Photo by Happy Wedd

This opulent wedding cake perfectly matches the theme
without being too theatrical. Intricately decorated with
stunning gold details and a silk sash, this cake looks
as if it came straight out of The Arabian Nights.
Photo by Estate Weddings and Events

Invite your guests in royal fashion with
this elegant, Moroccan-inspired design.
Photo by Etsy

Alice in Wonderland

Photo by Photo Bucket

Wacky, whimsical and wild, the Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding is not for the ordinary. Alice’s Wonderland is so rich and fantastic that you cannot possibly exhaust your possibilities. Its quirky nature resonates with couples too, with more and more couples turning to this wedding theme to inject some humour and character into their reception. Without being too theatrical, here’s how you can transport your guests to a fantasy world:

If you’re serving tea at your reception, try attaching
an adorable label such as the one above
to the handles of teacups or teapots.
Photo by Etsy

This delightful tier of decorated cupcakes is a quirkier
option to the standard wedding cake, and is just as beautiful.
Ideal if you wish to share this moment of magic and
madness with many guests! Like Alice, your guests will also have a choice
in what they consume.
Photo by Offbeat Bride

Remember when Alice had to find they key to escape the room
she was trapped in? In the spirit of the story,
get your guests to write their well-wishes on a tag that’s attached to a key
and hang it on a faux tree trunk or cork board.
Much more unusual and interesting than your typical guest book.
Photo by Weddbook

For an element of fun, deliver the wedding in this mad hatter figurine.
His top hat comes off to reveal the ring concealed within –
how novel is that?
Photo by Pandora’s Craftbox


Photo by Pix Shark

For the quirky romantic, why not go with an Up-inspired wedding? Although the love story between the protagonist Carl and his wife Ellie is shown for only a few minutes at the beginning of the movie, the story is so beautifully told that it is more than capable of tugging at anyone’s heartstrings. The movie is also known for its adventurous spirit, so if you’re the kind of person who’s constantly on the lookout for new experiences and looking to perfectly capture the greatest adventure of your lifetime, then this is the theme for you.

Having hot air balloon centerpieces such as the one above
infuses an element of fun to your wedding. Use different colours
across the tables to add some vibrance too!
Photo by Colin Cowie Weddings

Emblazon your escort cards with these handmade
soda-cap badges for a unique touch. Get the groomsmen to pin
these on as well – certainly adds to the novelty.
Photo by Bridal Guide

Just like Carl and Ellie, you can consider having your
own adventure book as well. From the happy to
the wild, preserve all evidence of your shenanigans
and precious mementoes for posterity.
Photo by Huffington Post

And that concludes our Disney-theme wedding series. We hope you now have a better idea of what you want your dream wedding to be like so you can plan your wedding in greater detail. Remember: with a clear vision in mind, stay optimistic and keep on believing – and someday your dream will come true. All the best!

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