Unique Wedding Rings: How to Find Special Wedding Bands for You and Your Partner

You can indulge yourself when choosing your wedding rings and bands, and not feel the least guilty about it. That’s because the rings, after all, are the symbols of the union between you and your spouse and your commitment to each other. It’s only right that you make your wedding rings as unique and special as you can, something that no one else can find elsewhere. To do that, you need to customize your rings’ design. And to create that one-of-a-kind wedding ring, these are the steps that you need to take:


1. Find a Designer

There are a lot of jewelry designers who offer their service to customize wedding rings. You can search online or browse a selection of wedding jewelers in Singapore for the top names in the industry and view their portfolios so you can see their styles and find out if they appeal to you. If you’re not confident about your taste, you can read some reviews or critiques on the designer’s work. It is best to know the forte of the designer to be sure that you are hiring one who can work best with what you want.

2. Select a Style

There are a variety of styles for wedding rings and bands. Some of your options are colored gemstones, multiple stones, a vintage design, and a traditional style. Familiarize yourself with each style and find out which appeals to you aesthetically and, of course, which you think will look best on your finger. If you are conservative, for example, then the traditional style will most likely appeal to you as something comfortable to wear. You can also request your designer to fuse any two styles that you want to give your ring a personal twist.


3. Choose Your Stone Shape

Some of the common stone shapes are round and square. But there are also other shapes that may suit you like pear, heart, or a dream cut. It is important to keep an open mind in selecting the shape or cut of your stone as there may be one that will fit you better than what you initially wanted. When you visit jewelers, ask to see their catalog and go for a design that’s both attractive and striking to you. To enhance the unique quality of your ring, steer away from the more common shapes and cuts.

4. Select the Metal

You may already have a preferred type of metal based on the other jewelries you have. For the metal, you can choose from palladium, platinum, white gold or yellow gold. These are the most popularly used metals for wedding rings and bands, but you can request for other types of metals like bronze or silver if those are what you prefer. As a final reminder, make sure that you’re not allergic to the metal you’ve chosen for your wedding ring.

Photo by Z Wedding Design

Creating unique wedding rings is a discovery not just of that distinct design but of your personal taste as well. It is an experience that is worth devoting your time and efforts as it will give you the rings that only you and your beloved will love to wear.

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