How to Find the Right Wedding Makeup Artist

There are a lot of really talented makeup artists or MUA in Singapore. But how do you find the right one for you? The right makeup artist is someone whose personality you like and who knows how to bring out your features without overdoing your face with layers of makeup. More importantly, he or she understands how you want to look and feel on your wedding day and can make it happen.

You can find the right makeup artist with enough time before your wedding and through these simple yet helpful tips that are sure to lessen the hassle of your search.


1.   Use social networking sites. If you spend hours every day on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, it would be a lot easier for you to start your search there. Let your network know that you are thinking about your makeup style for your wedding. Your friends who have recommendations can easily send you links of websites where you can get ideas or even the contacts. Most professional MUAs in the country today maintain a Facebook account or a blog where you can view samples of their work to help you decide whether they can do the look that you want for yourself.

2.   Get recommendations. Consider all recommendations that your friends have given you. Ask your friends about their experience with the makeup artist they are recommending and view the MUAs’ sample photos to see for yourself if their makeup style appeals to you. You can take a step further by inquiring your friends regarding the rate, terms, and conditions of the MUA and even how they met to give you an idea on the MUA’s professional experience. Have at least three recommended makeup artists.

3.   View portfolios. You can do this online at the makeup artist’s website or blog or the actual print outs that you can request from the artist on your first meeting. Your friends’ wedding photos are also a good reference of the MUA’s works but is often insufficient, so make sure to also view other weddings or fashion photo shoots that the artist has worked on. The portfolio is a very important basis of the skill and professionalism of a makeup artist. You can also asses if the makeup style and technique appeals to you or not.


4.   List down your top 3. Have a reference list of the makeup artists that were recommended to you. Indicate their contact details and include notes on their makeup specialty or any information that will help you remember them. Give these MUAs a call to set an appointment. Starting at this phase you can already make your initial assessment. Was the MUA accommodating to you over the phone? Was the MUA pleasing in tone and is not in a rush to end the call? These things are first impressions that are significant to your decision. Don’t forget to jot down your comments on your list.

5.   Know what you want. Before you meet with any of your prospect makeup artists, make a firm decision regarding the look that you want to have on your wedding day. Doing this will reduce the time you need to discuss things. To make things even simpler, show them pictures from a magazine or website of the look that you want. Tell them about your wedding and find out if the look you want is suited for it. Express yourself fully, but be open to their suggestions as well. And the best way to do that is by showing and not just merely telling them. Thus, the photos will be very helpful!

6.   Schedule at least one trial, although two trials would be even better. Your initial makeup trial is not only for you to check whether your MUA can give you the look you want, but also for you to get to know your MUA better and see if your personalities match. You can also use this chance to experiment with other makeup styles, which might be even better than your first choice. If you have a second trial, it will have the same purpose as the first, but this time you can bring along your wedding gown and try it with your makeup on so that you can see your full wedding day look.


7.   Decide: salon or home service? For your makeup artist to confirm their availability and commit to your schedule, inform them ahead where you will have your makeup done. Will it be at your house or in a hotel or in the salon? If it’s in the salon, then visit your trusted salon and talk with their in-house MUA whom you may already be acquainted with. Otherwise, hire a freelance MUA who can easily go where you want to have your makeup done.

8.   Know the terms and conditions. When you are finally a step away from deciding on hiring a makeup artist, find out about his or her terms and conditions. Know the payment scheme and other charges if any. If you want the same artist to work on your mom’s and bridal party’s makeup, ask him or her for a package as this might help lower down the cost of makeup for everyone. Ask what are included in the package, such as whether it also covers tips and the trial sessions. Once you have a satisfying deal, book the MUA right away!

From starting on recommendations, viewing portfolios, to actual meet ups and getting down on the nitty-gritty details, and finally booking a MUA – all these you can accomplish with enough time in your hands. So you want this as one of your top items on your list of to-dos for your wedding planning. The sooner you get started, the easier this will be for you and the happier you will be with the results!

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