How to Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Uploading a short pre-wedding video is another fun way of announcing your upcoming nuptials to your family and friends! However, unlike posing for your photographer, acting in front of the camera can be much more nerve-wrecking, because you are aware that everything you say or do would be recorded. Rather than staring awkwardly at each other, use these following tips to keep your camera shyness at bay!


Preparation for the Pre-Wedding Video Shoot

Find a Videographer You Can Connect With

The first meeting is very important, because within the first five minutes, you can sense if you can get along with your intended videographer at a personal level. But you need to consider how he relates to you at a professional level as well! At the very least, your videographer should be listening attentively before giving any suggestions. This is very important, because you are more likely to open up to him when you feel he is receptive. Establishing a friendly relationship keeps the atmosphere relaxed during the shoot, which helps curb your anxiety.

Inspire Them

Nothing is more exciting than working with a videographer who is equally eager to film your video! When you are feeling so energized around one another, everything becomes less stressful. The best way to drum up the excitement is to get them interested in your love story from the very start. So instead of simply narrating everything, show them your photographs. And as you start warming up, let them see how lovey-dovey you can be. Flashing those secret smiles and loving gazes tells them you aren’t afraid to be expressive in public. These little things make them happy, because trying to coax you constantly in front of the camera is very draining.


Ask About the Filming Techniques

It is a good idea to discuss how your pre-wedding video is going to be filmed – this includes the how many people will be on set on that day and where the cameras are located. If you doubt you will feel comfortable being filmed closed up or being seen from a certain angle, this is the best time to voice up. At the end of the day, the final arrangement has to suit you and your videographer. Once everything is settled, make sure you take down detailed notes about the locations of each camera, so you are mentally prepared on that day.

Filming the Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Dress Your Best

The way you dress for your pre-wedding photo video is similar to how you dress for your pre-wedding photo shoot – a smart casual outfit with lovely pastel colours. Ladies will look gorgeous in a dress with a pair wedges. Whereas guys will look great in a long-sleeved collared shirt, a pair of good pants and a pair of new sneakers. Get a makeup artist or a skilled friend to help you apply some light makeup, so that you can cover any pimples or unsightly blemishes. When you look good, you will feel confident.

Request a Small Trial

Most modern video cameras allows you to watch the recorded footage immediately after it was filmed, so there’s no harm in asking if you and your betrothed can have a short 5-10 minute trial demo. As you watch the clip, observe how you look and adjust your hair, makeup or clothes accordingly. Although it seems tedious, these minor adjustment will help in the long run! However, if your videographer doesn’t have time to do the trial demo, you can use your smart phone camera to do a short demo by either snapping a few selfies or recording a short clip. The effect is roughly the same.


Remember the K.I.S.S. Principle (Keep It Short and Simple)

No matter how elaborate your original plans were, it is better to modify your plans as you begin each new scene, nothing is more nerve-wrecking than forgetting a few lines from your lengthy script or realizing you left some props in the car. So just go with the flow and have fun! It doesn’t matter if you can’t include every single scene in the list as long as you still tell the story you wanted in the end.

Take Breaks

Filming is mentally exhausting – given how anxious you feel most of the time and how much effort you are investing into the moment trying to memorize your script – thus you ought to take a break after each scene and spend a few minutes with your loved one. Being able to talk normally ‘off-camera’ helps you to relax before the next big scene. You can even request for breaks during the actual filming when you feel too overwhelmed. Taking these shorter breaks will keep you from smiling awkwardly and sounding stilted.

Using any of these tips would help you stay calm and relaxed, which in turn stops you from being overwhelmed by your camera shyness. But remember, no matter how crazy everything seems, the whole point of making of making this video is to have fun! So just keep smiling and laughing, because when you are enjoying yourselves, your video may turn out even better than expected.

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