How to Get Instant Prints for Your Wedding

Instant prints is a craze in weddings today in Singapore. And while it may still not be essential to your big day, it sure is a cool feature and one that everyone will enjoy. You can have it as an extra treat for your guests and you can even use it to serve as your wedding souvenirs. After taking into account all your photography and videography needs, and you find that you still have a budget to spare, you should consider having instant prints as an add-on service. Here are some smart ways to getting instant prints for your wedding without spending more than you intend to.


1.   Review Your Photography Package

When considering instant print service, review the packages offered by your photographer and ask if it can be incorporated into the package instead of paying for a separate add-on fee. Find out ahead how much it costs separately and see how much minimum cost is added to the basic package when it is inclusive of the instant print service. Canvass for prices from other studios and “compare apples to apples”. This will help you gauge your costs better so that you don’t have to overspend for something that is not as important as your other wedding needs.

2.   Have a Limited Number of Prints

There are photographers who recommend having a limited number of prints because it is more effective for the service to have a quota and for you to get exactly what you expect with your budget. An unlimited number of prints does not mean there’s going to be an abundance of prints for all your guests. It can even be less than enough as some guests may hoard the camera, which is why photographers encourage having quota that will be just enough for everyone, right in your budget, and feasible for the team. You can give out stubs to your guests for their instant prints to control the output and have what is agreed on between you and your photography team.


3.   Ask for the Minimum Price

You can get add-ons without paying more with such features like additional templates, copies per size, props, etc. Ask for your photographer’s basic offer and evaluate from there if you really need to add an extra hour for the service just to accommodate all your guests. Looking at a service with all the frills can be confusing and you will most likely end up getting more than enough. Start with the basic and, from there, assess what extra features you can afford. If there’s none, then don’t compel yourself and just stick to the package as it is. Remember that instant print is just a perk in itself so it doesn’t need to be in excess.

4.   Keep Everything Else Simple

If you can have your instant print as your keepsakes, then go for it! It’s a smart way to scrap out an additional cost. You can also consider cutting down on your on-the-day photos through instant print. As for the service itself, steer away from any extras and just keep it simple. The idea is to even out your benefits so you can save on your costs. You should also know that instant prints can help you keep other things simple. If you simply laminate the photos for easy safekeeping, then have that option over something fancier such as creating fridge magnets out of the prints.

5.   Limit the Shoot to a Certain Time Period

You don’t want to have a reception that looks like an instant print convention. One way to keep this from happening is to open your instant prints booth only at a certain area of your venue and only for a certain amount of time. This is to keep your guests from walking around and getting busy taking photos during your entire reception. You can either have this at the beginning, as your guests arrive at the reception. This way, the prints can end up being part of your guestbook, with your guests writing down their well wishes right next to their instant print. Another option is to have it at the end of the program during the dancing.


6.   Request for Digital Sharing

Ask your photographer if digital sharing of files is free of charge. If so, you can significantly lessen the prints per guest (perhaps to as low as one wallet sized picture per guest) and have all other pictures shared digitally. With social networking sites these days, more people want to have their photos uploaded so they can easily share them. Offer this option with your guests by allowing them access to the site where all their photos will be uploaded. Or do instant file sharing. Some production teams offer this feature where your guests can easily see their digital photos on their smart phones. The photographers can share files using WiFi to any of your guests’ smart phones.

7.   Reserve Ahead of the Date

As soon as you’ve decided to have instant prints on your wedding, inform your photographer right away so you can book their services sooner. Most photographers encourage this especially with the rise of the popularity of instant prints in Singapore. They are getting more in demand not only for weddings but for corporate events and debuts as well. You don’t want to make up your mind too late, but you also shouldn’t decide too quickly. So give it some good weighing now to come up with the right decision in good time.

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