How to Have a Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding

Cherry blossom, or sakura, are most commonly associated with spring. By choosing these motifs for the bridal theme instead of the usual soft pastels, the couple can give their spring wedding an exciting Asian twist. Here are a few delightful ways to incorporate a little pink chic into any wedding.

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Invitation Suite

Designing the save-the-date cards with dark branches laden with cherry blossoms sets the tone for the wedding. A simple combination of silver, pink and black compliments these branches to make an elegant and classy invitation suite. A more unique approach would be printing these black or brown boughs laden with baby pink blossoms on a sky blue paper. Ending off with a green font, a lighter green ribbon and a sky blue envelope enhances the chosen motif.

Wedding Bouquet

Cherry blossoms are tiny pink flowers. While they are pretty on their own, they do not have enough volume to make a full bouquet. The bride can opt to pair these small flowers with other varieties to create a fuller bouquet. Good choices include the larger peonies and ranunculus, the mid-sized sweet peas, gardenias and tulips, or the small jasmines and hydrangeas. Depending on the chosen date, getting real cherry blossoms can be a problem. Thankfully wax flowers are found year round. The Madonna wax flowers have a striking resemblance to the actual cherry blossoms. The Painted Lady or the Mullering Brook are also good alternatives.


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Pomanders are chic and the materials used to make them are budget friendly. All that is needed are Styrofoam balls, straight pins, ribbons and silk cherry blossom flowers. These decorations can be used as aisle markers or adorable substitutes the usual flower girls’ bouquets. Another fun alternative for the flower girls are ribbon wands. These fluttering ribbons simulate the falling of the cherry blossom petals. The materials needed to make them – a few thin, cylindrical rods and ribbons of various lengths – are equally inexpensive.  Baby pink, white and red ribbons compliment the theme nicely.

Table Setting and Centrepiece

Placing branches of cherry blossoms in tall, glass vases make very attractive centrepieces. The clean modern look is softened by the sweet colours of the blossoms. Consulting someone trained in Japanese floral arrangement, also known as ikebana, makes these simple centrepieces more sophisticated. A less minimalist approach would be to include more flowers in the floral arrangement. Contrasting the dark branches and baby pink flowers with white and pink flowers of varying sizes brings out the natural colours of the cherry blossoms. The table setup should always complement the centrepiece. Draping pink organza over a white silk tablecloth adds colour and volume to a table with a simple centrepiece. A plain cream coloured table cloth is a better choice when the centerpiece is more elaborate.

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Wedding Cake 

There are many ways to incorporate the cherry blossom theme into the wedding cake. Drawing cherry blossom branches using edible hand paint or coloured buttercream makes a clean and minimalistic design. Those preferring a more three dimensional effect ought to consider having sakura flowers made of gum paste arranged on the cake. Couples interested in having a cherry blossom wedding cake should place their orders at least eight months before their wedding. These designs tend to be elaborate no matter how simple they appear, so the bakers would need time to study the design and practise making the actual cake.

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The Wedding Entourage

The groomsmen and bridesmaids could wear clothes adorned with these lovely flowers as well. The groomsmen will look smart in ties printed with silver or black cherry blossom motifs, while the bridesmaids will look lovely with sakura braided into their hair. Alternatively, the bride can get her bridesmaids to carry cherry blossom printed parasols. Twirling the beautiful parasols makes wedding march livelier.

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There are many more creative ways to use these romantic pink flowers as theme for your wedding. Whether the couple chooses to use cherry blossom motifs or to create a colour palette based on the colours associated with these pink flowers, the sakura is a great source of inspiration for couples in love with all things oriental. 

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