How to Hire Your Wedding Videographer

Your wedding video is your love story immortalized on film, so you need a videographer who can execute your desired concept exactly as you imagined it. Ask the questions below to decide which videographer you should hire out of the few you’ve shortlisted and interviewed.


Question 1: How long have you been in this business?

Seasoned videographers can plan a shot list and position themselves discreetly on the actual day with minimal input from you. You can also count on them to remain professional under less than ideal circumstances such as sudden showers, poor venue setups and rowdy guests. When they encounter problems on that day itself, they will adapt their plans to ensure you get the best footage possible.

Question 2: How do you cope with an unforeseen event like falling sick on my wedding day?

You can gauge how competent your videographer is by listening to how he responds to questions like the one above, or you can ask him whether he ever encountered setbacks while working at a wedding similar to yours and what were some strategies he used to handle them. Follow up by asking for a testimonial or a referral from this particular couple. Reading through their testimonial or contacting them personally helps you make a more accurate assessment.


Question 3: How would you describe your videography style?

Every videographer specializes in one or two styles and their interpretation of these styles are different from that of other professionals in the market. So it is a good idea to ask about their previous projects to understand their thought processes, because the two of you may interpret the same concept, e.g. romantic fairy tale, differently. Any disagreements regarding your own concept for the video should be discussed amicably, but if the two of you still can’t come to a compromise by the end of the session, you may want to consider looking for a different videographer.

Question 4: Can I have a copy of the master file?

At the moment, people request for a HD-quality video, because the images are sharp and this format is compatible with most entertainment systems, but with technology constantly upgrading, you may have to convert your wedding video into a different format in the future. This is when you’ll be glad you requested for a copy of the master file, as it is much easier to convert this file into other formats compared to the video compressed inside your DVD. Any videographer who appreciates the sentimental value of your wedding video will gladly give you a copy of the master copy for a token fee, because it’s unlikely that he’ll keep to your master file after five years.

Question 5: How is your package different from those offered by your competitors?

Always try to be upfront with your intended videographer during the first session and let him know that you are canvassing for prices. Doing this gives you the leverage you need to negotiate, especially when you have a rough idea what the market rates are like. Be sure to mention the few add-ons that you want, e.g. being charged competitive rates for each extra copy of your video and the getting a copy of the master file, when requesting for the quotation. Always remain firm but polite during the negotiation, because a true professional would be willing to accommodate your requests while making sure he is adequately compensated.

Question 6: Will you be having a second shooter or a backup camera at our wedding?

Some videographers like to work by themselves while others prefer to have a second shooter help capture moments they might have missed. There’s no harm in requesting a second shooter for an extra fee even though your videographer prefers working alone, because having a second person there allows him to focus on filming the scenes you requested in your shot list.

Don’t be disheartened when you can’t find the perfect videographer the moment you start searching. Often these professionals would only meet a few of your criterion, so securing the ideal videographer involves asking the right questions so that you can make an informed decision.

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