How to Juggle Work and Dating

By David Peng, contributor

So you and your partner love each other and would really like to spend more time together. But the problem is that both your work are occupying almost all of your time and now you’re feeling its strain in your relationship. Like many other young couples in Singapore, my wife and I also had this problem during our courtship days. Thankfully, however, we found different ways to stay connected despite the demands of our job. So to save you from any more arguments, consider these five ways my partner and I juggled our careers and romantic life:

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Have the same recreational activities

The important thing in a date is that you spend some time doing the same thing together – and it doesn’t always have to be a dinner and a movie. If you do any volunteer or charity work, then bring him along with you. Is he a bit of a sports buff? Then join him on one of his games. By including your partner in the things that you love to do, you not only maximize your free time, the two of you also get to learn and experience new things.

Visit each other’s workplace

So your boss asked you to do some overtime work and you just can’t refuse even if you dearly want to meet up with your boyfriend. Well, the simple solution is to ask him to go to your office, preferably with something to eat. This way, you won’t tire yourself, you still get to see each other, and you don’t lose any working hours. (Just make sure it’s not against your office policy to have visitors around and that you’ll do the same for him if the situation is reversed.) You can also meet up for a quick lunch together every now and then.

Don’t go for fancy dates all the time

The way it is in Singapore, it’s like there’s a chic new restaurant opening every week. But skip the fancy stuff every once in a while and just settle for something more convenient and that which gives you more time to just enjoy each other’s company. Better yet, you can just go to either of your flats and cook your meal together. Now that’s an idea that’s time-saving, cheap, and sweet.

Make the weekend count

I used to have a job that occasionally required me to work on weekends, but even so I still always managed to spend at least a few hours with my partner back when we were still dating. The weekend is most likely the only time both of you has a lot of free hours, and even if there’s work to be done, you should, at the very least, find a couple of minutes for a good chat over coffee. You don’t have to do something special – the important thing is that you make an effort to be with each other.

Do errands for each other

Let’s say you work in Jurong and you need to get something at Orchard Road. If your boyfriend is somewhere close there and you plan to meet up later, then he could just pick the item up and give it to you later. Or perhaps he needs something done somewhere close to you. Then save him the effort and just do that task for him. By doing each other’s errands – where it would be convenient for you to do so – you are saving each other’s time and thus giving yourselves more time to be together.

We live a pretty fast-paced life in Singapore, and we’re a society that rewards hard work, which all tends to put a strain on our personal relationships. But with just a few smart adjustments, we can maintain a happy romantic life without compromising our careers.

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