How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photograph Package

Wedding takes a lot of time to prepare, yet when that special day arrives it seems to go by in a flash. Some couples may even look at their wedding pictures and have only the faintest idea how it transpired, not because they weren’t mindful of the what was happening around them, but because the wedding – aside from being spectacular – will also be one of the most hectic days in the couple’s lives.


This is why bridal couples have to hire a photographer who can professionally and adequately document their wedding day. While friends and relatives can very much take their own photos, they won’t have the skill and confidence that professional photographers acquire from experience and training. Also, only the pros know the ins and outs of wedding photography; hence, only they can deliver the specific kind of service couples want at a negotiated cost.

Here are ways for bridal couples to get the most out of their wedding photography package:

1.  Communicate early (and as often as possible)

Open communication sets everything clear – from expectations, to suggestions, to special requests and, perhaps most especially, to the budget. Even if photographers nowadays provide packages, they still need to hear from their clients regarding their ideas and special requests. Besides, the more expressive the clients are, the better the photographer understands their personality both as a couple and as individuals.

Knowing and understanding the couple’s personalities is important for the photographer as it is the biggest factor that would make the photographs distinct. Bridal couples should consider these aspects when thinking about the specific results they want for their wedding photographs.

2.  Create a shotlist

Usually, wedding photographers already have their own list of must-have shots that they show to their clients during their first meeting. Bridal couples can compare it with their own shotlist, and together with the photographer, come up with a new shotlist made specifically for them.

A reminder: in your shotlist, make sure to include the names of the VIP guests that needs to be photographed, as well as the person (most likely the best man or maid of honor) that you will assign to round up the VIPs for photos.

3.  Discuss the method of photography


The photographer’s method or approach is the biggest factor that will determine how the photographs will look. That’s why couples should know, understand, and make sure that they like the photographer’s method before going further with the details of the transaction.

Method here means how the bridal couple’s desired photographs will be achieved using the photographer’s unique style. It doesn’t refer to the artistic aspect exactly, but rather things like location, schedule, props, and timeline. These things determine whether the couple’s desired concept for their wedding is feasible, or how the couple’s ideas can be translated into real photos.

However, bridal couples should resist bombarding their photographer with Pinterest photos and expect them to capture exactly the same picture. While of course these can be used as inspirations, couples should also aspire for original concepts that can’t be achieved simply by mimicking other people’s wedding photos. Once the couple has expressed what they want, and the plan has been clearly laid out, they must then have complete trust on their photographer to do the job.

4.  Advice the photographer of any special circumstances

Bridal couples should mention special circumstances like having a foreign step mother or a divorced parents so the photographer will know which matters should be handled with a bit more care. Assign someone to round up the family and the bridal party for formal shots. This will help the photographer save time and the hassle of recognising which is which. One of the bridesmaids or groomsmen can be assigned for this task.

5.  Talk about the venue

There are aspects of the wedding venue that can greatly affect the results of the photographs, particularly the lighting, structural obstructions, and other limitations. The most conscientious wedding photographers will actually check out the location themselves if they’ve never shot at the location before because of this.

It’s also important to discuss the wedding motif, stage design, and table arrangement for the wedding banquet when talking about the location. The earlier the photographer knows about all these, the better and faster they can come up with plans on how best to take their photos and which photography effects will suit the wedding.

6.  Cut the extras


We advise bridal couples to simply get the most basic wedding photography package from their chosen photographer. They can skip add-ons, because even without them, they should still be able to get the best images of the wedding, just as long as they make sure that the photographer they hire is a skilled one.

Bridal couples can customise their photos themselves later using photo-editing applications. There are downloadable software that allow photo manipulation and include blank, customisable albums for special occasions like weddings in the program suite. It goes without saying that bridal couples should request for their proofs. Once the couple has the proofs, they can have the photos reproduced in any manner they prefer.

They can wait for some discount deals from printing companies near their location too and print customised photos. However, not all photographers provide the proofs. There are even those that make reproduction of photos without their permission an infringement of copyright. Bridal couples should ask the photographer’s policy regarding this matter.

7.  Cut the timeline


Aside from expertise, many professional photographers charge according to the time they’ll spend at the wedding. Shorter wedding celebrations will thereby help couples save on photography cost. Assigning someone as an overall coordinator will help bridal couples ensure that the wedding goes according to schedule.

8.  Research

Proper researching goes beyond looking at the online portfolio of local photographers. Comparing them in terms of price, quality, experience and skill level will direct bridal couples to the photographer that meets their budget and needs.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a wedding photographer is to communicate openly and as often as possible. The wedding day will only happen once – there’s no repeat performance. It will go by in a blur, and bridal couples need wedding photos that they’ll be happy to pay for and look at in the years to come. Negotiating with a wedding photographer is therefore not the right time to be timid about providing specific requests.

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