How to Match Your Stationery with Your Wedding Theme

Your guests’ first impression of your wedding will depend on your stationery. That means that your wedding invitation isn’t just a mere formality, it’s a way for you to get your friends and relatives excited about and looking forward to your wedding. Your choice of stationery does all that for you.

Your wedding theme must be reflected on your stationery suite. This way it becomes a representation of your wedding’s formality, motif and feel, which need to be translated to your guests so that they know what to anticipate. With the information that your stationery holds, your guests can prepare to attend your wedding. And that is just one of the many other functions that your stationery has. Therefore, presentation is key to communicating effectively to your family and friends what your wedding will be like.


Here are some tips to help you create a stationery suite that is attractive and matches your theme.

Find a supplier with excellent customer service

Customizing your stationery to match your theme requires that you work with a supplier who is willing to listen to what you want. Your supplier should be meticulous with details and won’t compromise the design you want. Like with any wedding vendor, you want to work with a professional, one who has been in the wedding industry for quite some time now.  Their years of experience in the business speak of quality customer service. When a supplier has that, you can confidently discuss what you want and know that you will be listened to. A supplier who values you as a customer will have your satisfaction as their top priority.

Make the design cohesive

Save the dates and invitations set the mood, while the other details like table numbers, favors, and wine labels carry out your theme. It’s important to be cohesive with your stationery design to create look that is consistent with your theme and personality. You can build up your theme starting from your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and then using the same style and design in your reception program guide, name plates, table numbers, menus, favors, wine labels and thank you cards.


Have a design element that’s present in all your stationery. For example, you can have a soft print of a shell on your stationery for a beach wedding. Or have a sketch of your wedding flowers on your stationery.

Use your color motif

Following a color motif is an easy way to create a cohesive look in your stationery and the whole wedding. For your motif, you can use just one color and its different hues, or you can have a combination of two complementary colors. Whatever you choose, use it in all of your stationery. For a pop of your wedding color you can use it on your envelope liner as a hint for your guests. The sheets of your stationery don’t need to be in full color. All you need is to create hints of your wedding hues through your stationery such as using them to color the designs.

For example, if you want to give your wedding a regal feel, you can use gold on your stationery with imprints of your monogram or your main flowers. If you want something more casual, use pastel colors or light shades.


Pick some elements of your theme for design

Your theme is a rich source of design elements: floral for garden, shells for beach, your monogram or lace print for formal and traditional affair, or a drawing of a landmark of your destination wedding. The layout of the elements on your stationery has to be done carefully so that they won’t overwhelm the text.  You can make them as subtle as you want or as bold and vibrant as long as they won’t distract your guests from the information you wish to give them. The aesthetics should not be compromise functionality nor interfere with the purpose of your stationery.

Request for choices

You can request your supplier to present at least three different studies of the design you want for your stationery so that you can have options on the final look. You should also be able to suggest on how to fine tune the design such as toning down the colors for example or making the drawings bigger but much more like a watermark.


You can only give enough attention to detail when you are actually able to see the sample product and comment on how they can be improved. It’s possible (probable, even) that some things get lost in communication while you are discussing the stationery’s design with your vendor, so it’s better to inspect a sample closely before you print the whole run. Take note to also proofread the information in all your stationery to make sure that everything is correct.

Get second and third opinions

Once you have made your choice, show it to your maid of honor or to your mom. Seek a second and third opinion about it in terms of readability of the text and the appeal of the design. You should have a fresh set of eyes to look at your stationery, one that is able to see some areas that you might have overlooked. You can do this when you’re reviewing the different samples from your supplier so that you can finalize your choice sooner.

Taking some time to carefully select the design of your stationery will add value to your wedding. It will help you create a suite that is cohesive and which beautiful presents your wedding. With good taste and careful selection, even your save-the-dates and place numbers may even be details your guests will admire and remember.

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