How to Pick Your Wedding Favor

Traditionally, wedding tokens or favors are given by the couple to their guests as their personal memento of the wedding. If you’re considering doing away with this because of budget constraints, you need to think again because you don’t actually need to spend so much to give nice wedding favors. Giving wedding favors that are inexpensive yet worth keeping isn’t impossible. Here’s howto find them:


Dual Purpose

Come up with wedding favors that can have a dual purpose on your wedding, something that has a practical use for your guests during the ceremony and that they can bring with them at home. For example, you can hand out fans if you’re having a daytime beach wedding, or you can create a cluster of succulents or edibles, or you can have centerpieces that can be dismantled into individual accessories that your guests can re-use at their homes.

Reduce, Reuse, Reusable

Visit some of the eco-friendly gift shops in Singapore and choose a token that will be appreciated by your guests for your thoughtfulness for the environment. Buy from a vendor that supports a livelihood program and select products that don’t harm the environment during their production, such as organic produce or items made of recycled materials. Some great options include homemade jams and crafts made from old cans and jars.


Purchase in Bulk

Having a lot of guests doesn’t mean spending a lot more for your wedding favors. You can buy in bulk by finding a vendor that offers price packages for bulk orders. Check with your supplier whether they can give you a deal that will let you purchase more from them at a lower price per item. Suppliers usually get their materials at a cheaper price when they also purchase them in bulk, thus they’re likely to offer a reasonably affordable rate when you buy more pieces.

Don’t Let it Collect Dust

Steer away from the fancy figurines that can cost a lot but won’t really be useful or won’t even be of interest to most of your guests. Unless your guests all happen to be figurine collectors, then figurines may be a good idea. Otherwise, think of a giveaway that your friends and family can use or display at their homes. Why not give out fridge magnets or throw pillow cases? While it isn’t necessary for your wedding favors to have a practical value, it will make them more appreciated and more likely to be kept.


The Packaging is the Content

Don’t add up to your expenses by picking favors that still need to be wrapped. This will only cost more as you have to purchase wrapping materials and probably even pay labor if you can’t DIY your wrapping. Choose tokens look good as they are so that you won’t have to worry about how they should look when you present them to your guests. However, if you are giving edible giveaways then of course you need to give the packaging some thought so that it will be both affordable and presentable. Consult this with your caterer.

Giving a Message

Whatever favor you choose, make sure you leave a message of thanks to your guests to go with it. You can put the message in a separate card or, even better, incorporate it in the giveaway. For example, you can print a thank you quote on the wrapper of your chocolate giveaways or print them on the paper umbrellas that your guests can use if you’re having a garden wedding.

The key in coming up with a unique and clever wedding favor is to customize it to your wedding theme or your couple’s flair. Take time to personalize your favors and steer away from giving off-the-rack items, which won’t feel as significant as wedding favors should be. The best wedding favors are still those that are well thought out especially for the guests.

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