How to Plan Your Wedding

Where to begin? That is the question.

Planning a wedding can indeed be overwhelming. When there are so many things to do, it can be difficult getting anything done. Worse, there are no exact rules in planning a wedding, no strict order of procedure – so you never really know if you’re on the right track. But below are some tips you can follow to help you in planning your wedding as smoothly as possible.


Brainstorm for Ideas

Whether you know exactly what you want for your wedding or not, there has to be some research done. Browse through various photos online or from magazines to get inspiration on the theme of your wedding, styles for your gown, flowers to use, food, décor and other important wedding details. Having a fixed image of how you want your wedding to be will help you get started on your planning, and it will go a long way to minimizing hassles later on.

Identify Your Budget

Some couples begin their wedding planning by first identifying their budget. There are many budget trackers online that you can use to help you monitor your budget. If you don’t know how much you should spend for your wedding, a handy suggestion is to spend 2–4 months’ worth of you and your groom-to-be’s salary. Avoid overspending and set your budget to what you can comfortably afford.

Pick a Date and Time

After enhancing your ideas for the wedding it is important to settle the date and time of your wedding with your partner. You as a couple may be sentimental or even superstitious in picking your wedding date. Do keep in mind that you also need to have an ample amount of time to get everything ready for your big day. Don’t forget to book your wedding venue and wedding vendors well ahead of your wedding date so that they can make reservations for you.


Create Your Chart

Don’t just create a simple list of to-dos. It is better if you can create a comprehensive chart that lets you track every development of your wedding planning and preparation. Your chart should include a timeline wherein you can identify how much time you need to prepare each item on your list and see to it that your plans are on track – not too late or too soon for your wedding day. Perfect Weddings have our very own free wedding to-do list and timeine tool to help organize all the tasks you need to do for your wedding.

Assign Responsibilities

In your chart, put down a “point person” responsible for each task. This will make it easier for you to coordinate everything during your planning and preparation. For example, in preparing the flowers, you can include the name of your florist and the contact details. Your chart can also feature a portion that shows the budget you need. This way you can easily monitor how much you are spending on each item and check if you are still within your budget.

Use a Smartphone App

You really can’t discount the convenience and the many advantages of using a wedding app. Perfect Weddings have our very own app for smartphones, which has all the features you need to plan your wedding, such as a wedding checklist, wedding service directory, RSVP form and guest list manager tools that lets you track not only each part of your wedding but also who will be attending them.


Details, Details, Details

It is time to get to the details. Here are some reminders:

– Aside from finding the wedding dress with the right style, you also need to make sure that you and your entourage are comfortable with your outfits. You and your bridal party can’t fully enjoy the celebration if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing.
– It would be good to scout for venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception sooner and have them booked immediately. Keep in mind that if your wedding date falls on peak wedding season, it will be harder to book your venues.
– Never overlook your food preparations. Make sure that your guests will enjoy the dishes and the drinks you will serve on your wedding. Have enough time to prepare the menu so you can use it to compliment your theme.
– Find a photographer whose works appeal to you. It is essential to record that special day so you want to make sure that you have a skilled photographer who can deliver good photos for your and partner to share with your loved ones.

No matter how challenging the preparation for your wedding will be, you can enjoy it as much as the day itself by getting your loved ones involved and get as much support and contribution you can get from them. Remember that wedding planning can also be a good opportunity to bond with your family and friends.

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