How to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Most brides-to-be looks forward to buying her wedding dress – that one dress she will wear on the most special day of her life. But today, more women are opting for practicality, and instead of buying an expensive dress they will only wear once, choose to spend the money for the wedding banquet or reception, or for other personal use. But wait! Do you know can still have your dream wedding dress while being thrifty? Here’s how.


Get your gown from a local boutique. If you buy your gown from a designer boutique abroad, it can be very expensive. But if you just shop within the city, you’ll find that there are a lot of bridal boutiques in Singapore that can match the style and quality of gowns from popular foreign designers. Plus, if you buy at local shops, it’s also becomes a lot easier to have your gown refitted and customized, not to mention your savings from having no shipping cost.

Purchase a simple white dress. This will give you the freedom to decorate your gown as you want it. To style-up your white gown, you can simply add ribbons, sequins, and additional fabric in it. Then, you will have a one of a kind gown on your wedding day. You can also search for DIY guides online on how to enhance and add new features to your wedding dress.

Buy a secondhand wedding dress. This may not be as ideal as you dreamed your wedding dress would be, but a gown that’s only been worn once doesn’t really look much different from a totally new one. Check out some stores and you might find some interesting dresses there. Keep in mind that you will just wear it once too, and while someone else has worn it before, it is still wholly yours.

Get last year’s popular design. Every year, there’s a new batch of unsold gowns that stores give marked-down prices to so that they can sell them faster and make more space for new designs. Even if you don’t get an absolute sale, you will still definitely get your gown at a cheaper price. You could also compare prices to save more.


Rent your wedding gown. If you are really aiming to wear the wedding dress that you want but don’t want to pay its selling price, see if you can just rent it instead. Most bridal shops have dozens of wedding dresses that are both for rent and for sale. Choose the one closest to your dream wedding gown and just have it adjusted to perfection. Note that this option also saves you on dry-cleaning cost.

Save from your accessories. If you absolutely must get the dress of your dreams but still find it quite expensive, you can stretch your wardrobe budget by cutting down on your budget for accessories like your jewelry and shoes. If you get a knock-out dress, then you wouldn’t really need expensive accessories anymore, right? In fact, you can even just borrow them. On that note…

Borrow from a close friend. Don’t be too concerned if people might recognize the dress – just have it modified to suit your wedding theme and, of course, wear it with class and style. (A lot of wedding dresses are indistinguishable to untrained eyes anyway.) Another great idea is to wear your mother’s or your sister’s wedding gown, as this will create a special bond between the two of you.

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