How to Save On Your Wedding

There are many couples who choose not to go all out spending for their wedding. The most common reasons for doing so are that such couple prefer to use their money instead for their honeymoon or put it as a deposit to their new home. Of course, there are those who simply cannot afford to spend so much and (wisely) chose not to go into debt just to have an extravagant wedding.

If you want a great and memorable wedding but don’t want to empty your bank account, know that there are simple things you can do to cut down your wedding cost without compromising its quality. The key to having a wedding with a limited budget is to cut down on items that you can afford not to have. Here’s Perfect Wedding’s tips on how to save cost on your wedding!

1) Hold Your Wedding Reception and Ceremony in One Location

This has been quite popular in Singapore recently, as wedding expenses can be quite hefty for a newly wed couple. The cost of having a church reception and wedding lunch/dinner is two-fold as compared to having only either of the two. Many couples today opt t have a pastor or priest present during the traditional wedding ceremony so that they can also say their vows at the same occasion. This helps you save on food, decorations, photography and almost everything else. Furthermore, you will be less exhausted running from the reception to the ceremony on that one day. If finances are a constraint, combine the reception and ceremony in one location in Singapore.

2) Have Your Wedding During the Off-Peak Season

Getting married during the off-peak season has many perks. Not only do you save on items like location rental, you have fewer couples to compete with over vendors in Singapore during that period. Consider that getting married on a special holiday such as Valentine’s Day and the weeks leading up to it, will definitely be more expensive as compared getting wed on regular days. Not only are flowers more expensive, it is also a peak period for hotels to hold wedding lunch/dinners for couples to be wed. Why not consider having your marriage ceremony on other significant dates such as your birthdays and dating anniversaries? Do check with vendors about their off-peak seasons, you will be surprised at how much you can save!

3) Hire a Good Photographer Who’s Still New to the Field

Wedding photography can take up to one-tenth of the wedding expenses. So to reduce your cost, consider hiring a friend who does photography as a hobby to take your wedding pictures! Alternatively, you could hire a freelance photographer whose service is lower than that of the market rate. There are a lot of talented young photographers whose work quality is on par with those of established agencies, but charges less simply because they don’t yet have a lot of experience to speak of. Of course, make sure you still hire a good photographer by checking what portfolio he might have.

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