How to Set Up Candy Buffets at Wedding Receptions

Setting up a candy buffet table at wedding receptions can serve both as a lovely decoration and favours. By arranging glass jars, vases and bowls with different sweet goodies, one part of the reception can easily be transformed into a mouth-watering display of takeaway treats.

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The options range from an assortment of gummies and lollies, from chocolates to liquorice. And there are the personalised wedding favours too, which can be ordered mostly online. They can also be made to fit to the theme of the wedding, like that platinum and pearl-coloured M&Ms to give them a sparkling appearance.

Other examples of candy treats that can be made into personalised wedding favours include the following:

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• Wedding Tic Tacs
• Wedding York Peppermint Patties
• 2-Tier Mini Decorated Oreo Cookie
• Wedding Hershey’s Miniature
• Mini Candy Pearls
• Silver and Gold Jordan Almonds
• Wedding Mint Chocolate Candy
• Wedding Chocolate Coins
• Wedding Lollipops
• Silver Amorini Chocolate Hearts

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• Chocolate Poker Chips
• Wedding Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
• Wedding Brownie Favour Pops
• Wedding Gum Favours
• Wedding Hershey’s Kisses Mini Gift Tote
• Wedding Cupcake Candy
• Mini Monogrammed Favour Pops
• Bridal Caramel Popcorn
• Cotton Candy with Personalised Label
• Cocktail Flavoured Jelly Beans
• Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker
• Wedding Life Saver Rolls
• Custom Wedding Fortune Cookies

Things to Consider
Quantity – Select at least 5 to 10 candies for your wedding candy buffet. Allot about 100g of candy per guest. Provide more of the most favourite candy treats as guests will likely take these out.

• Kinds of candies: The choice would depend on two factors. First is their visual appeal; and second is, how well they fit to the theme of the wedding. Candies come in different shades and hues, so it’s not difficult mixing and matching them with the wedding’s motif.

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• Where to get them: Supermarkets like Cold Storage and NUTC have stocks of wide assortments of candy treats, including gummy bears, jelly beans, chocolates, mint candies and any other candies people can think of. On the other hand, Candy Empire is the place to go for those who want imported candies. Like large supermarkets, it also houses a wide collection of candies and sweets. The price could be more expensive, though.

Items You’ll Need
Transparent jars and containers of different shapes and sizes are necessary to create a stunning display of candies. Transparent containers will allow guests to easily determine what’s inside the container. It also helps that the containers come with large openings, especially when it comes to scooping the candies out of the jars.

• Metal Scoops – These will come handy for unwrapped candies. It will be awkward for guests to get unwrapped candies out of the jar with their bare hands. Help them make it graceful by putting a scoop where it is necessary.
• Paper Bags – As wedding favours, guests can choose to eat the candies right at the reception or bring it home as a takeaway memento. Either way, they’ll need something like paper bags, mini tote bags, or paper cups where they can store their candies.

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