How to Start Planning Your Own Wedding

After the memorable proposal and your gushed telling about it to your closest friends and relatives (and perhaps after you’ve teared more than once from looking at your glittering ring too), it’s time to finally sit down with your fiancé and get busy with planning your wedding. So here are seven points you should settle on the onset to get a better picture of what your wedding would be like and what it would entail.

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The Dates. Before anything else, you need to set all the dates that are important to your wedding. For auspicious dates relating to the Chinese Tong Shu, view the 2013 auspicious wedding dates here. These include not just the day of the wedding itself, but also the engagement party (if you’re having one), the rehearsal dinner, and your honeymoon period. You should also draft a timeline so that you can note down the tasks you need to accomplish at each specific times leading up to your wedding day.

The Venues. Having the right wedding venue is essential to having a perfect wedding. But because there are so many great places in Singapore, it might be a challenge just to choose one. Keep in mind that some venues can be fully booked for months ahead so set your reservations as soon as you reach a decision. Ideally, you should book your venue 9-12 months before the wedding day. Evaluate different venues right from your computer at our wedding venues directory.

The Wedding Theme. There are a multitude of wedding themes that you can choose – from the general, like a beach wedding or garden wedding, to more specific types like a shabby-chic wedding or a Victorian style wedding. You can also personalize your wedding by using your favorite colors as your wedding motif. Make sure that your wedding theme reflects your personality and style, while also appealing to the taste of your friends and relatives. Click here for ideas and inspirations on wedding themes.

The Wedding Outfits. The wedding gown is the most important item for the bride and it should be chosen with utmost care and diligence. Early on in your planning, you should already have an idea of what kind of gown you’ll wear and where you’ll get it. To save on expenses, you can order from select bridal boutiques in Singapore that offer discounts for package orders that include the couple’s outfit, as well as that of the bridal party. Browse through beautiful gown photos at our bridal studio showcases.

The Wedding Planner. Wedding planning is a monumental task, and you’ll really need all the help you can get. To give yourself more time to relax and enjoy your engagement, you can hire a wedding planner who will supervise the progress of your wedding preparation and make sure that everything’s in order. View wedding planners in Singapore here. There are a lot of professional wedding planners in Singapore today, but you can also just contract a friend who’s good at organizing and are invested into your wedding.

The Wedding Vendors. Having a perfect wedding involves a lot of people working together. Apart from your planner, you will also have to contract a wedding decorator, florist, photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ and transport service. While there are a lot of each type of vendor in Singapore, not all of them may be available at your wedding date or are suitable for your theme, so make sure to screen each in advance and reserve their services. You can shortlist your wedding vendors by checking out our wedding directory.

The Guest List. Depending on the size of your wedding, you may have to dwindle your invitees to just a handful of guests or extend your invitations to everyone you know. The earlier you and your fiancé decide on how many people and who you want to attend your wedding, the sooner you can send your invitations and thus make it likely that your invited guests could come (especially for those out of Singapore).

It seems like a whole lot to do, but take a breather once in a while and enjoy the process!

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