How to Throw the Perfect Weekend Party for Your Bride-to-Be Friend

Here comes a weekend of memorable fun with the girls!

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Now that your friend’s on her last days of singlehood, it’s time to give her a special time to bond with the girls through exciting activities that she’s sure to love. To get the ball rolling, think of her hobbies, talents, and interests and cater your activities based on those. You have a lot of options to choose from – and you don’t even need to pick just one. Here are our recommendations on what activities you can hold based on the type of girl your friend is:

Dancing Queen

Get your dancing shoes ready. While going to clubs is the obvious choice of activity here, we think there’s a better idea: enrol in a class on her favourite dance or one that she seems interested in. It will not only be fun but a great way to practice for the wedding as well. If it’s ok for everyone, you can even practice a whole dance number that you can present as an intermission during the wedding banquet.

Singing Siren

If she has the voice of an angel and not shy about letting people hear it, then plan for a musical weekend. And for absolute fun on the microphone, nothing beats karaoke night! If she’s not much of a singer, but her favourite band or music artist will be performing a concert, then make sure to get top tickets for that and scream to your hearts’ content to show your devotion. If she’s always dreamt of being the one on spotlight, book a small venue where she can perform and you can cheer her on as she makes her dream come true.

Artsy Crafty Girl

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Whether it’s pottery, scrapbooking, jewellery making, let her creative juices flow. Sign up for classes in craft making that allows you to work together as a group. You’ll also get to keep your masterpieces as mementos of your weekend together. Or get behind the canvas and learn how to sketch the human figure through a nude male model! That should be fun to talk about over tea afterwards.

Little Red Riding Hood

For the bride who loves the outdoors, go camping! Complete with roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, building your tent, and trekking. Just be sure to find a place that is safe for you ladies to spend a night over. Prepare some light games that will get everyone engaged in an enjoyable conversation as you pass the evening. Let her be the focus of these games without making her uncomfortable.

Sporty Spice

If she identifies herself with Sporty Spice then run down a list of her favourite sports and incorporate these games in your weekend activities. If you’re going to a beach, make sure to bring a volleyball set so that you don’t just get to bask in the sun, but engage in a friendly game as well. You can also all watch a match of her favourite sports team and act as their cheer squad.

Food Lover

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This can be tricky as everyone’s watching their weight for the wedding. So don’t immediately book a fancy restaurant for an eight-course dinner. Think of a theme for your gastronomic adventure, such as having her favourite cuisine for a weekend food trip. Or you can take up some cooking or baking lessons so you don’t just get to but also enjoy preparing your food!


This is for a girl who loves to read and treasures her books. For her, you can set up a tea party where you let each girl bring a book they’d give her as a gift or maybe just to share a personal favourite. You can create fun activities like a trivia quiz on popular book characters or authors. Make it a fun book club meeting with her closest friends who are willing to share their love for books with her.

Movie Buff

Movie marathon is a classic way to spend the weekend. But for this party, select the movies of her favourite actor or director or genre and make sure there are enough refreshments while you enjoy one movie after another. You can even play some games in between the movies like “Guess Who Said the Line.” Or you can make it a costume party as well and let everyone dress according to the period of the movies you’re watching.


Whatever kind of weekend pre-wedding all-girl party you come up with, don’t be afraid to get creative by mixing and matching your options. Get the other girls involved to get more ideas and make the activities more fun for everyone. Also, don’t forget to document these special times so she can look back with a precious smile on her face.

These activities can test how well you know your friend. If you know enough about her interests then you can make her weekend party really fun and special. She will appreciate you and the ladies more than you’ll know for your effort, time, and most especially for letting yourselves enjoy her interests even if they are not your own.

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