How to Work with Your Wedding Photographer to Get Amazing Shots

With all the things that will happen on your wedding day, there will be no room for second take shots. Even if your photographer has taken countless clicks with his camera, if he wasn’t able to capture the most special moments of your wedding, you’d only end up with photographs that lack an emotional effect, even if they may be technically sound.

Remember: There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. In other words, if you don’t get good pictures, you didn’t get a good photographer. Avoid this from happening by making sure you hire the right photographer and that you and our partner are fully involved in the process of documenting your wedding.


Firstly, we recommend hiring a photographer with good interpersonal skills. This way you can have an open communication with him or her on how you want your wedding pictures to look. Once you are able to communicate well with your photographer, remember the following:

1.   Let your photographer be the director

On the day of your wedding, give your photographer the authority to take charge of shooting your photos to avoid guests from getting in the way with their opinions or, worse, their own cameras. You might have guests who are photography hobbyists and who might insist on how they think it’s best to take the photos – listen to them, but value your official photographer’s advice above everyone else. After letting your photographer know how you want your pictures taken, have enough trust in him or her to execute the job.

It is also important for your photographer to know how to direct poses not only for you and your spouse but for the guests as well. This ensures that everyone will look great in each frame. Your photographer needs to provide encouragement, direction and, occasionally, even laughter. A funny photographer is a real plus: don’t underestimate the power of humor to put people at ease. It is important for a photographer to earn his subjects’ trust for them to be confident in front of the camera.


2.   Get involved in sorting the photos

After the shoot, ask your photographer if you can see the raw shots, and choose which ones appeal the most to you. This way, during the editing phase, he can focus more on the photos that are important to you. Photographers choose pictures based on technically sound elements and on your parameters. Your opinion matters because you can expand their parameters and include the photos that matter to you.

Your choices might differ from your photographer in terms of the subjects in the photo. He or she may, for example, not think much of a photo of your cousins dancing together, though you may find it very significant. During this process, you need to listen to the technical inputs of your photographer to arrive at an excellent selection of wedding photos.


3.   Understand what he does

This doesn’t mean you have to get down to the minute technicalities of the craft, such as knowing the features of each equipment, but you do need to at least have some understanding of the basics of the craft. To do this, you can read about photography guides for beginners and develop an appreciation for the art of photography.

With this understanding, you will easily be able to relay your ideas to your photographer and realize his skills. This will strengthen your trust in him or her in documenting an important event in your life.

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