Ideas for a DIY Photo Booth

Photo booths can be very popular amongst party guests and other celebrations like weddings. At weddings, photo booths help keep guests entertained while waiting for the couple to arrive at the reception. Since it is installed at receptions for an added fun, photo booths usually come with playful, whimsical and informal backdrops and accessories.

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Here are ideas bridal couples may consider for their DIY photo booths

1. Faux Polaroid
Hang a life-size fake polaroid on a clothesline and customise it by writing the names of the groom and the bride on the frame. Add the wedding date as a fun reminder of that celebration. Add a line of yellow light bulbs parallel to the clothesline for lighting purposes. This is especially needed if the reception will be held at night. Oversize shades and fun headdresses can also be used as accessories.

2. Vintage Frames and Fun Fabrics
Whether the guests are attired in vintage clothes or modern dresses, these duo serve as a great backdrop choice for the day’s photo mementoes. Fun fabrics complement the candid poses of the guests, while vintage frames can be positioned in many different angles for fun photo op at the booth. Couples may also prepare accessories like moustaches attached to sticks and black top hat.

3. Chalkboard Backdrop
With only a chalkboard, pieces of white chalk and a talented hand, bridal couples can have a unique and beautiful photo backdrop at their reception through creating a chalkboard backdrop. Present the wedding information mimicking that format used in theatres. Write the first names of the bride and the groom as the header and the place where the wedding is held just below it.

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At the left and right side of the board write the members of the bride and the groom, with the bride and the groom’s last name as the header. Below it write the name of the members of the family. At the bottom part write the family’s initials using a stylish font.

4. Brick Background
This will make a great choice for rugged-inspired weddings. Make it more rugged by writing sweet nothings and well wishes on the bricks. Bridal couples can also leave it neat by writing only the name of the bride and the groom on the brick using chalk. Fun-shaped hard boards with texts like “LOVE”, “Hooray!”, “XOXO”, and “Happily Ever After” can be added as accessories.

5. Sparkly Tassels
Bridal couples that love everything that sparkles and glimmers would like having this style for their photo booth. For weddings that are Gatsby-inspired, this would be effective without the need to spend much. An alternative design would be circles of the same size can also be cut out instead of tassels.

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6. Hay Bales
Bridal couples that are holding a rustic-themed wedding can incorporate this style into their personalised photo booth. Make a rustic-inspired photo backdrop by piling 5 blocks of hay bales. Pile another 5 blocks (next to the first pile) to make it look like a wall. Then hang wooden pallets for a more rustic feel. Optionally, couples may consider putting a decorative carpet to add something delicate to the arrangement.

Other Suggestions:
• Dyed book page backdrop
• Edible cookie backdrop
• Marshmallow backdrop
• Geometric garland
• Song lyrics backdrop
• Balloon wall

Tips for Setting up a DIY Photo Booth

Set up the photo booth in a corner, where it will not block the way. Doing so will help minimise the impact of the photo booth on the overall feel of the surrounding. But even if it complements the wedding theme, it should be placed in a secluded spot to avoid guests from bumping over the tripod.

Make sure that the tripod is sturdy and secured on its place. Remember guests can be playful in this corner, so everything that is a part of the photo booth (especially the tripod) should be in a solid place to avoid things from falling and getting off their designated place. Besides, the tripod will be holding a more precious equipment that is key to capturing the memories that guests will be making and sharing with one another in this reception corner – that is, camera.

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Add a viewing station by setting up a laptop at the side of the tripod. Guests can check the photos by clicking on their captured images. They can print it too if a printer and photo papers are provided. Bridal couples can ask someone in the family to be in charge of the photo booth, or provide a user-friendly instruction on printing the pictures.

Attach a remote shutter device to the camera. This will help camera shy guests make silly faces without feeling awkward before their parents or strangers.

Equipment and Materials

DSLR – This type of camera can capture quality images. But if it is not available, couples can choose a point and shoot camera instead.

Note: Check the setting of the camera. Is it in night mode? Try capturing two or more pictures on the spot where the photo booth will be set up. Find out how the lighting affects the quality of the photos as well as the settings used. Even an automatic setting will work just fine, adjusting the setting according to the type of lighting available can bring a difference to the quality of the image.

Tripod – Purchasing a tripod just for this purpose may not be practical. Bridal couples can borrow a tripod from a friend, or choose to rent out one instead.

Remote Shutter – It can be rented out too from a local provider of photo booth services

Printer and Photo Paper – The printer should be compatible with the camera and laptop to make printing possible. Compatibility can be achieved by installing the device program settings to the computer.

SD Card – Use a memory card that has huge capacity to store many photographs

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Important note: Charge the battery of the camera, or better yet have back up batteries to maximise capturing photos at the booth.

Photo booths can bring a lot of fun to guests that sometimes it can take away their attention from the event’s main actions. Bridal couples can choose to open the booth in particular time and close it when the reception program begins.

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