Ideas for Making Memorable Wedding Favour Boxes

Favour boxes are simple yet beautiful to look at. From plain square papers, they can be decorated to fit to the theme of the wedding. Moreover, it offers a bit of excitement as there’s always something intriguing in a closed box.

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One simple but awesome idea for creating a unique wedding favour box is to print it with words that speak of affection, such as love. Here are six ways to do it.

1. Lettered Favour Boxes
Print onto papers the letters L-O-V-E and cut the design according to guidelines. Wrap it around the box and secure it using tape. A ribbon pull can be added by creating a slit on top of the box and poking a loop of ribbon through it.

Materials you’ll need: Printer, 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper, double-stick tape, ribbon and small tuck-top box.

2. Photocopied Favour Boxes
Scan the page in the Bible where love is defined, or that in the dictionary. Print out one copy and photocopy it for reproduction. Then, wrap it around a box like a present. Knot a tie to add colour and complete the design with a phonetic tag.

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Alternatively, love poetry can also be printed out onto newspaper print paper. Shakespeare’s Love Sonnet is an example. Fold waxed thine in half, wrap it around the box and tie knot from fold. Then, thread on beads printed with letters L-O-V-E, knot again and cut the excess.

Materials you’ll need: Small tuck-top box, printer, 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper, dictionary, twine, and double-stick tape.

3. Poem Binds
Print a poem or a line from a poem onto a paper ribbon. Bind it around a stack of boxes. The boxes can be left plain and unwrapped. Create a small handle on top of the stack of boxes by folding the paper ribbon.

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Materials you’ll need: Printer, paper ribbon, small tuck-top box, double-stick tape.

4. Secret Message Inside the Box
Make a fancy packaging for a standard box by trimming its edges with scallop scissors. Left out the tabs instead of tucking them in, punch holes and thread ribbon through the holes. Knot the ribbon in a unique form. Divide the inside of the box into four sections, and put one truffle candy for each. The secret message will be revealed as each chocolate truffle is devoured.

Materials you’ll need: Scallop scissors, printer, ribbon, 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper

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5. Ribbon Twist
Wrap box in a decorative paper, or a personalised paper printed with the couple’s initials, the wedding dates, or their names. Tape a two-toned ribbon to bottom, twist each panel and wrap it around the box. Thread on the tag on the top with a word like “Enjoy” printed on it. Tape the tag to bottom.

Materials you’ll need: Two-tone ribbons, scissors, gift wrapper, printer, word processor but a more complicated design would require a program design.

6. Handkerchief Keepsakes
Screen print handkerchiefs with the couple’s initials or the wedding dates and venues. Add words like yippee or thank you and wrap it in pocket squares. Tie a ribbon around it.

Materials you’ll need: Ribbon, handkerchief and ink

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