Illuminate Your Wedding: Brilliant Lighting Décor Ideas

The trick to instantaneously transform any place into something magical is to use lights. Flowers, fabrics, centrepieces — all of these can look stunning with the use of special lighting that help create a romantic or magical ambiance. As event designer Preston Bailey says, “Lighting creates a mood.”

Here are several types of lighting that you can use for your wedding:

Lighted Branches

Perfect for any season, lighted branches come in a variety of colours, types and effects. Lighted branches are battery-operated and come in willow, orchid, white or burgundy plum, and white rose in natural twig colour. Whatever the kind, this type of lighting is a simple and natural yet an elegant way of illuminating your venue. You can customize the look of these branches by complementing them with your wedding flowers. These lighted branches can decorate your dessert table or cake area to help bring as much of the outdoor into your reception as possible. The natural look of these lighted branches is versatile and can be combined with other types of décor.


Light Garlands

Also called string lights, this variety of lighting is more commonly used as Christmas decorations, but these yellow and white lights can be used year-round for any type of wedding. Instead of using the garland plainly with its black or white string, you can dress up the light bulbs to make adorable wedding lighting décor. A mason jar can be employed to encase each bulb for a casual outdoor wedding. For a picnic wedding, you can use colourful printed cupcake liners or paper cups wrapped in art paper. Whatever material you use, make sure it is light yet sturdy enough to stay on the wires. This particular lighting piece is affordable and easy to customize, and can easily create a fun atmosphere for your wedding.


Whether made of paper or jar, lanterns are popularly used in wedding lighting. They are easy to install in the area and can dress up the place effectively. Depending on their size, colour, and how they are placed (whether strung up or placed on the ground), lanterns can make a place look cozy and intimate, or spacious and grand. You can easily customize these lanterns to make them suit your wedding theme and desired ambiance. If made of paper, you could design them to look like traditional Oriental lanterns or give them a more contemporary minimalist look. If made from a jar, you can choose to leave the jar clear for simplicity or wrap them in sheer-coloured wax paper. You can also put sand or pebbles inside the jar with the candle.



Aside from lanterns, candles are also popular wedding lighting décor. They are probably the most versatile kind of lighting with the most variation in colour, shape, size, design, and even scent! Most candles used in weddings are typically the simple white ones in various shapes and sizes, and are dressed up for the centrepiece. They go well with flowers, pebbles, glass and other natural décor materials. Put a floating candle in a glass cylinder with water, pebbles and fresh-cut bloom to make for a beautiful centrepiece. A safer option would be to use mini battery-operated candles to scatter throughout the area for a warm glow and a magical mood.


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