Incorporating Photos to Spice Up Your Wedding

Carve a memorable, sentimental memory with your partner with these few tips!


A great way to improve your pre-wedding parties is by having your guests bring photo-related items that could help you commemorate your wedding. These can be old photographs, slide projectors, or even just their phones that they can use to take photos. Framed photographs, photo albums, and photo collages of you, your fiancé and your friends would also be most welcome. Indulge yourselves with more photos taken during your parties with your friends and relatives. As they say, the more, the merrier!


You might also have a great time and keep great memorabilia by gathering your girl friends at a photo studio after your bachelorette party and have yourselves a fashionable set of prints that you’re sure to cherish long after your wedding day.

You can also infuse creativity into your wedding card invitations instead of ordering the same old engraved types. Your invitations would look more artistic and cuter, for example, if you include a drawing you made when you were a toddler. Bonus points if you find a drawing of a bride and groom!

On your wedding reception, a touching décor could be an enlarged picture of a letter you wrote to your daddy when you were ten, vowing to be his little girl forever, juxtaposed with a photo of you and your fiancé. That will definitely make a lasting impression to everyone! Displaying the wedding photos of your parent and grandparents alongside yours on the entry table or cake table can create a sense of lineage and amp up the atmosphere.

During the rehearsal dinner, you could put together a slide show to showcase the long journey of you and your fiancé has taken together. Make sure you feature a fun and impressive collection by ransacking old photo albums and use photos of the two of you before you met, your first meeting and courtship, and your early days of dating.

Childhood photos are also a good supplement to include by getting it from your fiancé, his parents or even friends who might have some good shots to share with you. Have your photos made into slides made of prints from the photo shop and with a slide projector and some nice songs or tunes made into a tape to play while showing the slides is a sure way to make it more memorable.

By any chance if your parents took any movies depicting you as a toddler while you were growing up, you could take the opportunity to combine yours and your fiancé into a movie that loops throughout the reception or cocktail session. It might be embarrassing in a way but it sure does let your guests and friends know you even better than you know and it’s a good conversational topic too!

Think that’s all you can do with your photos? How about trying to affix it to anything you think might leave a lasting impression to your loved ones. For example plates, cups, t-shirts are some of the suggestions you could do depending on your budget allowance. The things you can do with your photos are only limited by your creativity!

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