Inspiration and Ideas for White Wedding Themes

A white wedding theme is traditional yet timeless, simple yet elegant. More than that, no other colour is more closely associated with weddings and the vestal beauty of brides than white. It is for these reasons that white is the ultimate wedding palette. If you and your spouse-to-be have a deep appreciation for the beauty of white-themed weddings, the following ideas will be useful to you in preparing your own magnificent white wedding.

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Décor for the Ceremony

• General Setup

A white wedding theme works best with bright lighting, and of course, the brightest venues are outdoors. You would hardly need to make any changes for a garden or beach wedding as the wedding canopy, chairs and aisle runners are customarily white already. However, for an indoor wedding, where you don’t have much choice on the colour of the furniture, the best way to incorporate white is through fabrics – either gossamer, linen or even muslin. Add a lot of white petals and candles suspended in glass vases to create an ethereal effect.

• Hanging Décors

If you have an informal or casual wedding, especially if its outdoors, a great way to use white is through paper garlands and streamers. You can design it any way you want: they can be as simple as circles in white and ivory or as intricate as paper flowers made from the pages of old books. (Other materials you can use are vellum, balloons, strips of fabrics, or even doilies and paper folded into origami shapes.) You can use the garlands and streamers as aisle runners or as a curtain in your altar.

• Adding Some Fun

If you have a formal venue, one that features tall candle stands near the altar, a good way to balance sobriety and lightness is to add some decoration on the stands. You can do this simply by sticking white bordered papers where the word “LOVE” is printed, with one letter per page. For accents, you can add flowers, drapes or ribbons. You can also print “XOXO” at the back of the papers, which you can instruct your bridesmaids to show before you and your groom make your first kiss.

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Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Oversize White Flowers in Small Bouquets – To make these, use giant dahlias as the main flowers and accent it with smaller blooms like round green proteas and pale-coloured calla lilies. Other flower combinations you can use are roses and ranunculus with sweet peas and lily-of-the valley, delphinium with larkspur, and tulips with orchids and peonies.

Other bouquet suggestions and how to make them:

• Creamy astilbes – Wrap its clustered stems in white lace and secure with white ribbon.
• Clematis bloom – Tie a single clematis bloom with satin ribbon for your best man’s boutonniere
• Orchids – Orchids are also good options for boutonnieres and corsages. Use the same orchids for the bride’s mother and your maid of honour, and match that of the groom with his father. Cluster a few leaves and wrap in silver-grey ribbons.

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• Phalaenopsis orchids – Create a cascading bouquet out of these flowers and trim with stephanotis that extend to the ground
• Eucharis lilies – For a simple bouquet, tie it with white silk ribbon about 2 inches wide
• Calla lilies and tulips – Use a white ribbon to bind and secure the flowers in this inverted-teardrop cascade arrangement
• Stephanotis – Make a simple but captivating boutonniere out of a single blossom. Wrap the stem in white silk ribbon and insert pearl-top pins.

Tip: You can choose to have your bridesmaids hold smaller versions of the white bouquets mentioned above.


Lacy Candle Centrepieces

Create an enchanting table centrepiece with votive wrap in white lace. Simply put white candles on each votive to give your evening reception a gentle glow. Another idea for a lacy centrepiece is to wrap candle holders with rectangular doilies.

Basket of Peonies

Have a memorable table centrepiece with open peonies settled into a basket of twisted fern vines. You can make the basket look like nests, hence the absence of handles. Put a bowl filled with water inside the basket to keep the flowers fresh. To keep them secure inside the bowl, hold stems with wire grid.

You can opt to have smaller versions of these basket of peonies to double as card holders. Just put it on top of the napkins laid next to each plate, letting the card lean on the basket. Use tubes in lieu of bowl for flower stems.

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Paper Flowers in Full Bloom

Fresh flowers are hard to come by at winter. But don’t worry because you can still have lush floral centrepieces using tissue papers. Use silver Christmas balls as floral centres: arrange them in trumpet vases of different heights and sizes to add a whimsical element to a formal table setting.

Filled with Pure White Tulips

Fill a white rattan basket (preferably a rectangular one) with pure white tulips as if they are still planted from the ground. To do this, fill the plastic trays with floral foam and hide the base by placing them inside the basket. A rattan planter can also be used in place of a basket.

Baby’s Breath Centrepiece

Create a dramatic centrepiece with a mass of baby’s breath. Bind it tightly with thin silk ribbon and insert the stems into a tall taper. Then, perch the taper on antique candle holder to add height and make it stand out. Align two or three of these floral centrepieces on the long reception tables.

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Even as more and more couples follow colourful wedding palettes, a white-themed wedding remains a favourite of many. For brides who want a wedding that is both classic and chic, few other themes are as good as a white wedding.

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