Irwin & Kai Shi – A Hill-Top Wedding

Irwin, Policy Officer
Kai Shi, Media Relations

Kai Shi and Irwin said their “I Do’s” on March 2, 2013

Irwin and Kai Shi

Fated to Love You

The stars converged for Kai Shi and Irwin to meet during their university days. It was not chance but fate that brought them together in the same university, as they were both members of the campus newspaper’s editorial team.

In the beginning, they never had any attraction between each other. But both could not control the strong pulse of fate and gave in to the growing affections.

Candlelight Proposal

Starting off the evening, Irwin took Kai Shi to a surprise sumptuous dinner in Ristorante Da Valentino, an Italian restaurant. After the delightful Italian dinner and intimate talk with each other, the couple headed towards Marina at Keppel Bay. It was a slow paced and romantic drive for Irwin at that time, as he was quite nervous for his marriage proposal.

Irwin chose Marina at Keppel Bay for his proposal, since it was the place wherein they became lovers. As the couple arrived, Irwin grabbed Kai Shi’s hand and took her for a walk around the island.


Little did Kai Shi know that Irwin and his friends has already conived for this evening. The proposal was not only filled with romance, but it was also filled with hilarious moments when Irwin’s friends were given weird looks by the janitor due to their sneaky behaviour in the toilet while they secretly collected the Irwin’s car keys to retrieve the bouquet of flowers in his car. The bouquet of flowers was an astonishing set twenty pink and red roses.

Halfway towards the pavilion, Irwin blindfolded her and guided her towards the pavilion. The pathway towards the pavilion was meticulously decorated with candles and there were more than twelve candles that illuminated the pathway, adding a romantic and soothing touch for Irwin’s proposal. Inside the pavilion, Irwin showed her the video that he made and of course the romantic question was popped.

A Wedding Amongst Nature

It was Irwin and Kai Shi’s desire to have a wedding ceremony filled with scenic views of nature and a relaxing environment that is far from the scorching heat of the sun. To achieve their dream of their ideal wedding venue, they chose the Jasmine Room at Hotel Fort Canning.

Their wedding venue perfectly fitted their imagination, being surrounded with greens and gardens filled with blooming flowers. Aside from that, they managed to get away from the hot weather in the air-conditioned function room; achieving the best of both worlds of a cool atmosphere amidst nature.

The function room was filled with happiness, love and intimacy as the couple became one through the solemnisation.

Memories to Keep

The wedding was indeed a blast for the guests. Not only did the guests enjoy the scenic view of the gardens and the invigorating flowers, but they also enjoyed the sumptuous menu. The pleasantly unexpected view of a haven that is just five minutes away from the bustling streets of Dhoby Ghaut, brought a sweet fragrance of praises to the afternoon.

Irwin and Kai Shi also had many rewarding words of thanks to their photographer, Livesnapps, who took absolute care in ensuring that all the precious moments during the day were well captured. Irwin gushed, “Justin was utmost professional when handling our wedding – we were glad that he managed to capture all of the angles we were hoping and looking out for. I do admit I have a higher expectations for quality photos when it comes to wedding shoots, being a photographer myself, but I must say Justin’s style indeed left us very happy and satisfied.”

Photography: Livesnapps
Bridal Studio: Love Potion
Venue: Hotel Fort Canning
Make up Artist: Mark Cheng & Michelle Chin
Venue Decor: Sing See Soon

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