It is Your Wedding Too: A Bridegroom’s Guide

Traditionally, the wedding planning and preparation is headed by the bride with the common notion that it is, after all, “her day”. However, taking the essence of the wedding as a union of two people who are committed to spend the rest of their lives with each other, it couldn’t just be the bride’s day. It is a celebration for both the bride and the groom.

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Thankfully, these days, grooms are more involved in the wedding preparations. If you’re about to get married, know that your involvement is a big help for your bride, and that no one can help her as much as you can. So begin by becoming aware of your responsibilities in the wedding, which are the following.

Sit down with her

Take part in the making of your checklist. This is the best time to let her know your preferences as well. You may think your bride only wants the wedding her way, on the contrary she will feel it is more special when she can exchange ideas with you. You would most likely prefer spending the last few days of singlehood enjoying a football match or drinking with your buddies, but who says you can’t do that while also doing your duties as the groom? With proper time management and delegation of tasks to your attendants, you would be able to have all the fun and also help in your wedding preparations.

Prepare the marriage license

Check the requirements in your location or where you and you’re bride will be married. Usually you and your partner’s presence are needed to secure the license. Make sure you take the lead in getting this done as surely your bride will be busy overlooking the other pertinent details for your wedding.

Choose your best man and groomsmen


This is a crucial task that only you can best accomplish. In picking your best man, make sure that he is someone you can rely on and someone who has a good memory. Yes, a good memory for that to-do list you need to accomplish. Your best man must be able to remind you of things that need to be done before, during and even after the wedding. For your groomsmen, see to it that you can depend on them at the very least with the ushering of guests during the ceremony. With the right choices for your best man and groomsmen, you can get all the help you need.

The men’s attire

Please do not let your bride worry about your tuxedo or your suit and that of your attendants. She will appreciate if you ask her opinion about it but you should take the full responsibility that you and the men in your entourage all look dashing. Know how you want to look. It may be the last thing you would prefer to wear, but for the sake of your wedding, you have to look your best. If that means wearing a bowtie then so be it. Don’t be afraid to make it your own. You are the only one who can tell if you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. Oversee also the attire for your best man and groomsmen and make sure you have all been fitted.


Organize the bachelor’s party and the rehearsal dinner

Two important events before the big day are all in your hands. If you prefer to have a bachelor’s party then take it as your responsibility. This should be easy as you and your groomsmen already know what you want for a party to celebrate your last moments as a bachelor. Another event you need to prepare is the rehearsal dinner, which is important to get together before the wedding your close family and friends who have important roles in the ceremony. This is the perfect opportunity to give you and your bride’s tokens of appreciation to your wedding attendants. You can opt to have your rehearsal dinner at your house or in a restaurant.

Go back to the checklist

The rehearsal dinner may also be the best time to go back to your wedding checklist and see if everything is in order. This is best done with your bride her maid of honor and your best man.


Prepare the honeymoon

You may begin the preparations for your honeymoon before or after the wedding. But it is best to ask your fiancé where and when she prefers to have your honeymoon. You also need to keep your budget in check just to make sure you have enough for your honeymoon after the wedding. Take the lead in making all the arrangements for your honeymoon: travel dates, reservations, hotel and airfare, etc.

Go the extra mile

As the groom, shelling out the cash or writing a check is not where your responsibilities begin and end. More is expected of you not by anyone else but your bride. She will greatly appreciate your initiative in meeting your responsibilities for the wedding. To delight her even more, go the extra mile and surprise her with a present. Although jewelry, aside from the engagement ring and wedding bands, is a popular choice; you need not spend so much for that special gift. It can be mementos such as a collage of your photos as a couple that your bride will surely appreciate of you. Remember it is the thought and the act that make going the extra mile for your wife-to-be extra special.

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