It’s a Party: Your Guide to Choosing a Live Wedding Band

Recall the most fun you had in a wedding and ask what made it so enjoyable. In most weddings, what really creates a party atmosphere is the music.

Hiring a live band is a great way to turn your wedding into a festive celebration. As the band greatly affects the mood of the occasion, it is important that you pick a band that can get your friends and family moving on the dance floor and having a great time. More importantly, your band should be able to entertain your guests throughout the whole reception program.

Below are some helpful tips for searching the best live wedding band in town.


Invest on Good Entertainment

Allocate at least 5% of your wedding budget on your entertainment and don’t scrimp on that. Keep that portion of your budget intact so that you can have a decent investment and get a really good band to play some high energy dance music. Just be sure to get the value of your money by hiring an experienced wedding live band with a professional attitude and the right gears for their gig.

Decide on Your Wedding Ambiance

Music enhances the atmosphere of the wedding, and it sets the tone of each part of the program. At the start, your band can play soothing jazz music to help guests transition from the ceremony to the reception and cocktails, and by the end of the night, they can lead the pinnacle of the celebration with upbeat ska or reggae. Your choice of music depends on how you want your guests to feel at your wedding. In addition, the music should complement your setting to create the perfect ambiance.

Get Recommendations

The best way to begin your search is by getting recommendations from friends and family. Perhaps ask for the contact details of the band that played in the last wedding you’ve been to where you had a great time dancing. With recommendations you can get a low down on how it is working with the band and also what they are really good at on stage.


Get to Know the Band

There are three aspects you need to know about your prospect band: their performance, professionalism, and production. Performance is their style on stage and how they connect with the audience, which is crucial in making your guests to feel the energy of the party. The band should appeal to you and your guests’ musical preferences or party vibe.

You can check on professionalism if the band members are contracted and the length of time they have been performing together. This speaks of their attitude towards each other and toward their performances. Their cohesion is an important aspect of their professionalism.

Make sure that the band is secured in the production aspect, meaning that they have a full-range PA system with subwoofers and full-range tops to handle the volume level of their entire set. You don’t want to settle for a band that only has some garage instrument which will only require you added logistical support. The most you should provide is make sure they have an appropriate stage and effect lighting to add to their stage presence and rev up the party atmosphere.

Before you decide on hiring a live band, watch their live performance and experience for yourself their stage presence and the music they play. If you enjoy it then that is the best indication to go with all the information and observations that you’ve gathered to say that they are the band that deserves to be on stage at your reception.

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