Jacqueline & Mark – Virtually Matched

How two people matched in the virtual world and in real life

Jacqueline, Chemical Engineer
Mark, Psychologist

Jacqueline and Mark said their “I Do’s” on April 20, 2013

Jacqueline and Mark

Cyberspace Love Story

Who would have guessed that the perfect match for a chemical engineer was a psychologist? Jacqueline and Mark – two people who come from such different fields of study – may seem like an unusual pair, yet they make a good one. The two met through the online dating website Match.com and serves as another example that love could indeed start in the cyber world and develop into a real world lasting relationship.

Practical Proposal

Jacqueline admits that Mark’s proposal was not very romantic, saying that it was done in a very practical manner. Like many other young men in Singapore, Mark proposed not with a diamond ring but by proposing to start a home with Jacqueline. When he asked if she would like to check out the condominiums at East Bay, she knew that he meant to start their life as husband and wife, and knew that that was what she wanted too.

Jacqueline and Mark

Worrisome Photoshoot

The couple did not have a smooth pre-wedding photoshoot. All throughout the day, Mark had to rest and take some medication to suppress a fever. But with their determination to pursue the shoot, they managed to let the camera capture their best smiles and romantic gestures. In the end, Mark and Jacqueline managed to nail the shoot and have fun despite Mark’s condition.

Memorable Evening Wedding

“It was a memorable evening,” Jacqueline recalls, “I spent the entire time during the cocktail reception to welcome our guests with one hand holding on to the train of my wedding gown.”

The bride so enjoyed welcoming her guests that she was still out with them just moment before the grand march in. Jacqueline says that she’s never been to any other wedding where the bride had gone to such lengths to receive her wedding attendees.

Special Memories

The couple considers their wedding a dream come true. The bride was particularly happy about how things worked out, especially because of her involvement in making it happen. Among much else, she personally designed the tags of her wedding favors and, with the help of her bridesmaids, hand-painted the glass jars used in their unique candy bar. Some highlights of the wedding were a photo corner and the candy bar, which were ironically late additions to the wedding’s features.

Lasting Impressions

A lot of the wedding guests noted how Jacqueline spent a lot of her time with them during the reception and all throughout the evening – a rare and much-appreciated gesture. The sumptuous food and the top-notch wine, courtesy of the wedding venue The Fullerton Hotel, also received a lot of praise from the guests, who wished that there were more. All in all, the event was very successful and the couple ended the night very happily and ready for the next part of their lives as husband and wife.

Decor: Mirage Flowers
Bridal Studio: Amanda Lee Weddings
Suit: CYC – The Custom Shop
Photographer: Avenue 8 (Bernard Teo)
Videographer: Avenue 8 (Benjamin)
Makeup Artist: Gin Tan
Venue: The Fullerton Hotel

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