Jasmine & Vincent – An SMU Love Story

Featuring Newly Weds:

Jasmine, Business Development Senior Executive
Vincent Ha, CEO, Gushcloud
Wedding Date: 26th and 27th of March 2011

Jasmine and Vincent

A Meeting of Minds and Hearts

Jasmine and Vincent were both already starting on their future career fields when they met at the Singapore Management University. They belonged to the same co-curricular activity, with Jasmine heading the radio broadcast, and Vincent a promising recruit at the TV department — it was a perfect match. Soon, the two started collaborating closely on projects and attending the same programs, and became each other’s partner in school and out. And by the time of their graduation, Vincent already intended to propose to Jasmine during his valedictorian speech.

However, Vincent’s plan was vetoes by the school and he had to shelve his proposal for another time. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as it allowed Vincent to plan a more elaborate way to propose. Five months later, and on the very date of their 27th month as a couple, they attended an event where Jasmine would meet the happiest surprise of her life.

Vincent had made 14 large prints with pictures and messages that chronicled their relationship, which were presented to Jasmine one by one with the help of their closest friends. Already crying, she made her way through each of them as their song played in the background. On one of the panels, Vincent had written, “If I knock, will you open the door to the rest of our lives?”. That day, he was waiting at the end of the line, metaphorically knocking while down on one knee and presenting a ring to his first and last love. And from then, history was made.



Hands-On Bride and Groom

Jasmine and Vincent used their wedding to show their artistic flair and make sure that everything follows their garden wedding theme by adding personal touches to their décor and even making some of it themselves. Jasmine personally decorated their ang bao boxes and bird cages using a corded lace bustier, silk flowers and ribbons. Vincent, on his part, selected the template for their invitation card and wedding day leaflet and edited it on Photoshop before sending it to the printers. Together, they created their own well-wishing slips, which they designed in blue and pink bird shapes, and which served as an alternate to the more typical guestbook. The couple also added decorations to their wedding car and made their own flower pens.



Love in Blooms and Glitters

While the wedding ceremony was held inside the Grace Methodist Church, Jasmine and Vincent wanted a garden theme and thus filled the venue with flower arrangements and other floral decorations. The wedding’s color motif was pink, and the bridesmaids wore strapless fuchsia dresses while the groomsmen wore black suits with pink ties. For harmony, the venue was decorated with flowers in different pastel shades of pink and pastries in pink, white and brown colors were served at the DIY dessert table.

For the wedding banquet, which was held at The Fullerton Hotel, the couple wanted a more luxe atmosphere and so replaced most of the flowers with light effects and crystals. The color motif was retained, but the bride and groom changed their outfits to something with more glitz, with Jasmine wearing a blue dress with turquoise accents and Vincent wearing a sleek, silver tuxedo. The couple also personalized the event by displaying some of their pre-wedding photos, which provided the guests a way to interact with each other. Among the other displays are the five-tier wedding cake, rose centerpieces, and the couple’s special dinner cards.

Of Families and Friends

Like all Singapore weddings, what made the occasion complete for Jasmine and Vincent was the presence of their family and friends. During the dinner banquet, many of the guests were brought to tears with the video presentation of Vincent’s proposal, but were then brought back to merrier spirits by a surprise performance of a group of the couple’s friends. The quartet of friends, who had known the couple for years, sang to the tune of Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and Boys Like Girls’ “Two is Better Than One”, but used humorous lyrics that pertained to the newlyweds, making everyone laugh throughout. To show their appreciation, the couple gave all the guests a bath gift set, their brownie wedding favor, and customised printouts from the live photographer. And while the wedding may have ended, it was an occasion that everyone will surely remember for a long time still.



Wedding Services:

Bridal Studio: Z Wedding D’sign
Photography: Melvin Ho
Venue: Grace Methodist Church, The Fullerton Hotel

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