Jiang Lei & Ching Cheng – Elements of Everlasting Love

Featuring the Newlyweds:
Ching Cheng, Psychologist
Jiang Lei, Doctor
Jiang Lei and Ching Cheng pledged their love on 14 September 2013 

There really is something that couples love in Perfect Weddings. Together with our top-caliber partners, the most beautiful weddings in Singapore are created, just like how we made Jiang Lei and Ching Cheng’s outdoor wedding remarkably stunning in the beautiful yacht wharf of ONE°15 Marina Club.


Fate and a Proposal in Pink Blossoms

Like a lot of other couples, Jiang Lei and Ching Cheng has a love story that started as a campus romance. Randomly selected to be partners in class, they pored over lessons and assignment, but went on to bond over something much deeper. Eventually becoming an official couple, they were each other’s first, and – as fortune would have it – ended up to be each other’s last and only love.

The beginning of the next phase of their relationship fittingly happened during the season of cherry blossoms, long held as a symbol of feminine beauty and the cycle of life. During the couple’s visit at the historical Kyoto Imperial Palace, Jiang Lei prepared a picnic feast surrounded by the pink sakura blossoms that Ching Cheng has always loved. It was in this majestic and truly romantic set up that Jiang Lei went down to one knee and asked Ching Cheng’s hand in marriage.


A Photoshoot of Hearts and Minds

“Initially, we weren’t sure what to do,” admits Ching Cheng about their pre-wedding photoshoot, “but Samuel Yee quickly put us at ease and guided us through.”

For their indoor photoshoot, the couple was treated to Chris Ling International’s wide array of studio set ups. In reference to the start of their relationship and their chosen professions, one of their choices was a classroom setting complete with laboratory equipment and a chalkboard filled with mathematical equations.

For their outdoor venue, Jiang Lei and Ching Cheng chose to shoot at the Coastal Settlement not only for the modern background it provides, but also because it was close to the food that the couple loves. The outdoor shoot features the bride dressed in an elegant wedding dress and the groom in a suit and service uniform amid a mix of harbor and pastoral backgrounds.

Of their photographer, Ching Cheng says, “He was able to capture us in our most natural state, which we really appreciate.”

Nautical Wedding

As the couple is drawn to the romance of the sea – Jiang Lei, in fact, was an avid sailor – they opted for a nautical theme for their wedding. ONE°15 Marina Club was a natural choice for the venue as it provides an idyllic setting for the exchange of vows with the sun setting behind the South China Sea.

To match their theme, the bride wore a column wedding gown with Grecian folds and Christian Louboutin shoes, and donned a side ponytail hairstyle with white roses as accents. Meanwhile, the groom was dressed in a classic white tuxedo with black lapel. The setup was simple and solemn, with the couple reciting their vows witnessed only by their closest friends and relatives.

How to Enjoy Your Wedding: Let It Go

Jiang Lei and Ching Cheng’s wedding was a big success, especially considering that the bride planned it herself. The guests were particularly appreciative of the venue and had nothing but praises for the food. A lot of guests were also impressed by the live music of Fete Musician, which accompanied the couple’s second march-in.

On how to coordinate a wedding while looking your most beautiful, the bride has this to say: “A happy bride is the most beautiful bride. Don’t be afraid to assign roles to your bridesmaids and trust them to take care of everything. Relax, enjoy the day with your love ones, and don’t fuss over all the little things. At the end of the day, what people remember most are the blissful smiles on the couple’s faces!”


A True Message from the Heart

Of all the great moments of that day, the couple remembers that one of the most fun part happened just before the ceremony started properly. On a spur of the moment decision, the bride and groom, accompanied by their bridal party, went to the end of the wharf and took group shots at one of the docked yachts.

Ching Cheng recalls, “It was a whole lot of fun for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, and the videos and pictures were beautifully taken.”

However, she says that the most special moment for her was when Jiang Lei was reciting his vows. As he spoke about his love for her, the normally impassive Jiang Lei teared up and choked a little. The groom, of course, denies having acted as such, but Ching Cheng is happy to know better.

“It was a very special moment for us,” the bride says, “It reminded us how far we have come since we started dating, and it strengthened our commitment to each other.”

Bridal Gown: Le Grand Wedding
Groom’s Suit: Le Grand Wedding + Mode et Creation
Bridesmaids Gowns: Love Bonito
Pre-Wedding Photographer: Samuel Yee of Chris Ling International
Actual Day Photographer: Samuel Kwok of Chris Ling International
Videographer: Alvin Ang of Iriswave
Make-up and Jewellery: Le Grand Wedding
Venue & Decor: ONE°15 Marina Club
Wedding Cake and dessert: ONE°15 Marina Club
Catering: De Calla Caterin
Wedding Favors: Simple Wedding Favors
Invitation & Stationery: T. Dragon
Entertainment: Fete Musician

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