Keep Calm and Fix Your Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wearing a beautiful white dress can be stressful. The smallest stain or tiniest broken stitch can be seen from far away and no bride wants such an unflattering image to be immortalized in her wedding album. This makes navigating your way round the many tables at the wedding reception like waltzing through a mine field. One misstep and a million things can happen from ripped trains, sagging necklines, broken straps, popped zippers to ugly stains.  Sometimes the best way to prevent these would-be disasters is to be prepared!

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Bursting Bustles 

Full-length gowns are very heavy because of the sheer amount of fabric used to create the long trains.  Brides often opt to bustle up their fancy trains so that they can walk easily after the ceremony is over. T0 bustle a skirt you need to tie up the train using materials like thin ribbons and attaching them to hooks on the underside of the skirt. As most of the weight is suspended by tiny hooks, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when they give way.

Solution: Having a few heavy duty safety pins fixes this problem quickly. They are usually strong enough to keep the fabric in place for the rest of the night. Though it helps if you remind your hubby not to step on the hem of your skirt after that.

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Plummeting Necklines

Strapless gowns allow you to show off your graceful neck and elegant shoulders, but they have the nasty tendency of sliding down. Even well-endowed brides will experience this. Constantly pulling up the plunging top is just as embarrassing as stooping over to reveal your assets.

Solution: A pair of removable straps should save the day! These clear straps help to secure your dress via your shoulders to prevent gravity from working against you. Always check to see your gown comes with a set. If it doesn’t, you can always request for the necessary alterations. Usually it involves sewing hooks so that you can attach or remove these straps when you wish to.

Snapping Straps

Spaghetti strap gowns are a popular alternative for brides who want to flaunt their neck and shoulders. It doesn’t take much to make these thin straps give way during the reception: stepping on the skirt, catching part of the dress on the arm of the chair or even having someone grab onto you when they trip. You shouldn’t blame anyone when such mishaps happen, because the dress is quite flimsy to begin with. Just imagine the weight of your entire dress is supported by straps no thicker than a few millimetres!

Solution:  One way to prevent them from snapping would be reinforcing the straps with extra stitching when sending the dress in for alterations. However that doesn’t guarantee it will remain intact towards the end of the night. Use the tiny golden safety pins to secure the broken straps back in place so that the dress will stay on as long as possible. Check on them once in a while to make sure the straps are still secure.

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Popping Zippers

Zippers are commonly used to close up the dress from behind. However they can also be the most problematic. They may tear away from the fabric, they may pop open or they may get stuck. At least such accidents happen while you are getting dressed, so only your bridesmaids and stylist will be around. For many brides that’s embarrassing enough.

Solution: The best way to prevent any zipper mishaps is to make sure the dress isn’t too tight. Forcing the two panels together is guaranteed to make the zipper pop. Also you should remind your bridesmaids to make sure the zipper is properly connected before pulling it up. This lessens the chances of the zip from getting caught half way. Should it still get stuck halfway up your back, apply something to lubricate it. Soap, oil or even candle wax are good choices. Finally, if it tears away from the fabric, fasten it to the rest of the dress using pins.

Unflattering Stains

Alcohol is almost always served at the wedding reception. The bride may avoid eating too much, but she will not be able to bow out from taking a sip or two after each toast. A slight lapse in concentration at these crucial moments can be horrifying, especially when red wine is involved. The dark stain needs to be handled right away. The same can be said for grease stains, ink stains and kiss prints. Yes, even lipstick stains can appear, you are wearing a white dress after all.

Solution: Red wine is truly the beast of all stains, but thankfully some warm water and white talcum powder should conceal it. All you need to do is to dab the affected area with the damp cloth to remove the access before applying the talcum powder. Grease and ink stains can be fixed in a similar fashion. The only difference is that you need to use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Remember to work your way from the outer edges of the stain towards the middle. This would prevent the stain from spreading even more! As for lipstick stains, they can only be lightened using makeup remover or a commercial stain remover.

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Plan Ahead to Minimize Wardrobe Malfunction

Choose an Appropriate Dress:  The gown design should be suitable for the venue. For instance, you may want to have a shorter veil and skirt if you are having an outdoor wedding. Long trains just won’t do. They are likely to get stained or torn as you walk around. Remember, even bustles hooks can snap! Make sure you read up before you start hunting for your dress.

Schedule Your Last Fitting: The ideal timing would be two weeks before the actual day. Such a timeframe ensures that the seamstress has enough time to do the last minute adjustments. Try to walk around in the pair of shoes you plan to wear on that day and practise sitting down. Moving around helps you notice if any part is too tight or too loose. This is the best time to have those spaghetti straps and zippers reinforced! Also, ladies who are getting that strapless gown, you may want to make sure the top fits your bust.

Plan a Dress Rehearsal: Nothing beats going through everything before the actual day. Take note of any potential problems that may occur such as your train getting caught as you walk through the door. Discuss the issues with your bridesmaids and get them to help you avoid these obstacles on the actual day. Brides who aren’t use to wearing heels may want to practise walking in them as much as possible. You are less likely to step on your skirt when you do so.

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Prepare a Bridal Emergency Kit: Pack those safety pins, grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol, buy a packet of cotton swaps, tuck a couple of band aids, include some stain removers on the checklist, ask your mom for some needle and thread. Literally pack anything you believe will help you at the last minute.

Remember this is your special day! A wardrobe malfunction should be least of your worries and not a full-blown disaster. Being prepared is the best way to keep those beautiful lips smiling as you introduce yourself to your new in-laws.

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