Keeping a Bright Wedding: How to Safeguard Your Big Day from Bad Weather

You might think that rain on your wedding day is the worst case scenario, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. But even if there’s rain – or even a storm – on your big day, it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. With good planning, you can avoid any weather disaster whatever the conditions may be. Here are some planning tips on how to make your wedding weather-proof.


1.   Check the weather forecast

Rain isn’t your only weather concern on your wedding. Strong winds and intense heat can also be a big challenge to your outdoor wedding. To be better prepared to cope with any unfavorable condition, have a member of your bridal party or a close family member to monitor the weather for you. Once you get the forecast, discuss with your wedding coordinator what necessary precautions you need to make to secure your wedding. You might, for example, have to create temporary covered walks to shelter your guests’ transport from the ceremony to the reception.

2.   Book a flexible venue

As you scout for your venue, consider what alternatives they can offer if the weather won’t let you have your wedding outdoors. In most cases in Singapore, outdoor wedding venues have a hall or ballroom adjacent to their sprawling lawns or gardens. Discuss with the management if you can have their indoor area on standby as an alternative. For this, recreate the outdoors indoor through your venue décors. Always have an indoor alternative.


3.   Provide a makeshift shelter

Ifyour venue can’t offer an indoor alternative, you can instead rent a tent or select a nearby covered area, such as underneath a cluster of trees, to get at leat a partial shelter from the elements. But be ready for any necessary add-ons for extreme weather conditions. Prepare for strong winds and intense heat as well. Keep in mind that you don’t just have to shelter your guests from the rain – you also have to keep your floor dry and maintain a comfortably room temperature.

4. Think of your guests

Make sure your guests can conveniently attend and safely stay during your wedding. You can provide umbrellas to your ushers and have them escort your guests from the car to the ceremony area when necessary. For a hot afternoon wedding by the beach, provide your guests with paper fans, which incidentally can also double as a venue décor or your wedding favor. Better yet inform them ahead. Wedding Invitation Specialist Amy Suddleson suggests that you include a rain card in your wedding invitation that tells your guests on what to do in case of a bad weather.


5.   Weather proof your bridal beauty

Don’t let the weather make you look bad in your photos. Ask your hairdresser and makeup artist to weather proof your look. Have your maid of honor or one of your bridesmaids watch how your hairdresses and makeup artist fix your look so that they can help you retouch should the weather damage your looks. Have weather appropriate shoes such as wellington boots ready to wear just in case it really pours and your heels can get submerged in the mud.

Best of all, rain or shine, set your sight on the brighter side of things. For some cultures, rain on a wedding is even considered a blessing for the couple – so celebrate it. When you maintain a good mindset along with your preparations, a storm may try to wreak havoc, but nothing can go wrong on your wedding day.

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