Lai Choo & Kin Keong – Classic Love in Modern Settings

Ow Lai Choo, IT Relationship Manager
Chow Kin Keong, IT Project Manager

Lai Choo and Kin Keong tied the knot on 10 November 2012

Lai Choo and Kin Keon

Computers and Cameras

Lai Choo and Kin Keong have a classic boy-meets-girl story: working at the same IT company, they discovered that they shared the same interests, got closer and closer, and eventually became an official couple much to the delight of their friends, colleagues and even their bosses.

The couple’s hobbies are traveling and photography – they have, in fact, travelled and photographed 12 countries – which makes Kin Keong’s proposal only fitting. At the time of the proposal, they have been together for a year and ready for the next step in their relationship. So when they reached N Seoul Tower’s Locks of Love, Kin Keong promptly went down to one knee and asked, “Will you take me as your husband?”

Shooting in Malaysia

For their first pre-wedding photoshoot, the couple went to Ipoh, Lai Choo’s hometown. Along with an old friend from her University, the couple spent four days driving and shooting at various locations in the historical city, most notably at Kellie’s Castle and Old Town. As the groom and the photographer friend did not have a driver’s license, the shoot resulted in fun and unforgettable moments when the bride had to drive around the town while still in her wedding gown. The couple’s second pre-wedding photoshoot was shot at Danga Bay and was taken by their bridal studio.

Lai Choo and Kin Keon

A Funky First March-In

Starting the wedding celebration, the couple marched in to a traditional love song, but 20 seconds into their march – oppa Gangnam Style!

As the Korean mega-hit blasted through the speakers, the couple continued their march while doing Psy’s famous “horse dance” amid the cheers and laughter of their guests, with the march ending with the showering of confetti to establish the party atmosphere of the event.

During an intermission, the guests were treated to another surprise as a group of the couple’s friends and work-mates went on stage and performed Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” and George Benson’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You”.

“We wanted our colleagues and friends to sing for us,” Lai Choo says, “Their performance was really fun and enjoyable.”

Rolling Out and Waltzing In

Marching to “Gangnam Style” was the groom’s idea, but the bride has an idea of her own too. For the second march in, the couple did not walk into the ballroom, but instead rode a shine red Vespa scooter, with Lai Choo driving while wearing a chick red and white dress and pink sneakers. After the yam seng, the couple had a third and final march in, this time wearing matching a masquerade masks, and then proceeded to give their thank you speeches.

A Perfect Day for Love

Lai Choo says that their wedding went exactly how they dreamt it would be. Starting from the memorable date – 10.11.12 – to their unique march-ins, to their DIY ang pao box, to the special performance of their friends and colleagues, to their special “no shark fin” menu – everything was just wonderful, perfect and unique.

Another great thing about the wedding was that the couple was able to have the famous Dr. Phua to act as their Solemnizer. They are also particularly happy about their Chinese and gate crashing ceremony, which was held at the spacious NSRCC bungalow.

“The feedback was extremely good, especially from my parents-in-law, bosses and friends,” Lai Choo says, “They said they have never attended such a special and unique wedding. Their comments and their support make us very proud of our wedding.”

Bridal Studio, Suit, Photographer, Videographer, Make Up: La Veil Bridal Couture & Studio (Now changed to Melbliss Bridal)
Venue: Hilton Orchard Singapore

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